Convergent Design Releases Odyssey7Q+ Firmware 2015.8 With High Speed ProRes Recording & Vectorscope

Just a few minutes ago, Convergent Design announced the release of High Speed Apple ProRes recording directly in Apple ProRes in 4K/UHD up to 60p and in HD up to an amazing 240p to their flagship Odysse7Q+ 4K recorder/monitor. At the moment, no other device can record HD Apple ProRes at 240 frames per second – no camera, no standalone recorder, no computer capture card.

The advanced processing power of the Odyssey7Q+ & Odyssey7Q and computing skills of the Convergent Design engineering team have set a new bar in video recording.

High Speed Apple ProRes will initially be offered for the Sony FS7 (with XDCA Extension Unit) and FS700. The Odyssey RAW Bundle is required to access the high frame rate data from these cameras. In free firmware updates, Convergent Design will add high frame rate support for more cameras with appropriate outputs.

Once again, the Odyssey7Q+ is the perfect addition to the Sony FS7, which is one of the most popular large sensor 4K cameras among video professionals today. We over here at Visual Impact, as proud suppliers of all things Sony and Convergent Design are strong believers that the marriage between the two units is a match made in heaven.

Sony FS7 customers will have to purchase the Odyssey7Q+ RAW BUNDLE as well as the XDCA-FS7 extention unit to benefit from the high-speed firmware upgrade in this firmware. The new options are:

FS7/FS700 - 4K Raw to 4K Prores up to 60p FS7/FS700 - 4K RAW -> UHD Apple ProRes, 50p & 60p added 2K RAW HS -> HD Apple ProRes, 100p, 120p, 200p, 240p

Additionally, with the Odyssey RAW Bundle, the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q will be able to record 4K & QHD RAW from the upcoming Canon EOS C300 Mark II camera.

You can register here for our free hands-on day on August 26th in Teddington when you can get your hands on the new C300 Mark II.

Convergent Design is the only monitor/recorder company supporting the file naming from the Canon Cinema EOS RAW cameras.



Canon XC10 Support UHD Apple ProRes 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p UHD->HD SuperSample to Apple ProRes 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p (Camera trigger & HDMI timecode in HD Only)

NEW FEATURES (Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q)

FS7/FS700 High Speed RAW -> Apple ProRes Support* [MORE INFO]

FS7/FS700: 4K RAW -> 4K Apple ProRes, 50p & 60p added 4K RAW -> UHD Apple ProRes, 50p & 60p added 2K RAW HS -> HD Apple ProRes, 100p, 120p, 200p, 240p (Only one SSD can be mounted for recording 2K HS Apple ProRes) (Only Odyssey int. TC supported (Seed, Time-of-Day DF & NDF)

FS700 only: 4K RAW Burst -> 4K Apple ProRes, 100p & 120p 4K RAW Burst -> UHD Apple ProRes, 100p & 120p

(*Requires Odyssey RAW Bundle or Sony FS RAW Option)

Canon C300 MKII RAW Support 4K RAW recording up to 30p QHD RAW recording up to 30p 4K RAW -> 4K Apple ProRes up to 30p QHD RAW -> UHD Apple ProRes up to 30p

(*Requires Odyssey RAW Bundle or Canon RAW Option)

For more info and to download - visit Convergent Design.