Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q Will Support Canon C300 MKII With 4K/30p in both RAW and Apple ProRes

Convergent Design have been at the forefront of 4K recording technology for quite some time now with their Odyssey family or 4K recorders and monitors proving extremely popular among video professionals looking to get that extra “oomph” out of their 4K capable camera.

Convergent Design recently announced the most complete support of any monitor/recorder for the new revolutionary 4K Canon C300 Mark II camera. The Odyssey7Q+ and the Odyssey7Q will, with the new Odyssey RAW Bundle (sold through Convergent Design), allow recording in 4K & UHD in RAW up to 30p as well as 4K & UHD processed and converted to Apple ProRes up to 30p. Without the Odyssey RAW Bundle, the Odyssey monitor/recorders can record 2K/HD 12-bit or 10-bit 4:4:4 RGB video in Uncompressed DPX up to 60p. Direct capture of 4K & UHD Apple ProRes is also possible up to 30p.

“We have supported the Canon Cinema RAW format for years,” notes Mike Schell, President, Convergent Design. “Our Gemini 4:4:4 was one of the first recorders to support the Canon Cinema RAW data signal.  The Odyssey7Q and then the Odyssey7Q+ expanded that support to higher frame rates and added Apple ProRes conversion to the mix.  We currently offer the only device in the world that can record 4K/UHD30p RAW, 4K/UHD30p Apple ProRes, and 2K/HD 12-bit 4:4:4 RGB up to 60p, all from the Canon C300 Mark II.

That represents a level of integration and support unequaled in the industry.” The dual-link 3G-SDI connectivity available on the Odyssey monitor/recorders interfaces directly with the outputs of the C300 mkII. Dual-link 3G-SDI is required for 2K/HD 12-bit 4:4:4 60p.  No other monitor/recorder has the level of connectivity and functionality with the Canon C300 Mark II. 3D-LUTs are fully integrated in the Odyssey, including the new C-Log2 for the C300 mkII.  Custom LUTs can also be applied to the video and RAW outputs of the camera on the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q.

And Convergent Design recorders are the only ones to offer full integration of the Canon metadata file naming in both RAW and video outputs. The new Canon C300 Mark II was one of the biggest announcements at NAB 2015. The latest EOS Cinema camera to join the line-up, The Canon C300 mark II can now record 4K internally up to 30p in the brand new Canon developed XF-AVC codec with 10bit 422 colour sampling as well as 2K/FullHD slow motion recording up to 120fps, expanding the cameras versatility to include high-end commercials and music videos where slow-motion and high resolutions are quite often demanded features.

The brand new Super 35mm 4K sensor is supported with Dual DIGIC DV5 processors, improved Dual Pixel AF technology, new Canon Log2 gamma, improved and enhanced ergonomics and 4K Raw output.

Pre-order your Canon C300 II here to avoid long wait-times as we expect limited availability in September and the following months until the end of the year until production ramps up. We've already taken quite a few pre-orders, so best to act quickly and get some of the first C300 II's in the UK.

See the first official promotional film shot on the C300 Mark II below:

And some behind the scenes on the process of using the C300 Mark II on set and in post-produciton.

Trick Shot: Behind the Scenes from Canon Pro on Vimeo.

Learn more about the Odyssey7Q+ 4K Raw recorder

The Odyssey7Q+ is the most advanced, most capable, most versatile monitor/recorder in the world. The Odyssey7Q+ can record 4K/UHD/2K/HD via SDI and HDMI. It can record RAW (with Record Options), uncompressed DPX, and Apple ProRes. The Odyssey7Q+ features an OLED 1280x800 monitor with true blacks, accurate colors, extended color gamut and a 176 degree viewing angle.  Along with the best image in the industry, the Odyssey7Q+ also features an extensive array of image analysis tools, including RGB waveform, RGB Histogram, False Color, Pixel Zoom with finger drag, three-mode Focus Assist and monitoring LUTs.

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