Canon Releases Major Firmware Update for XC10 4K Camera

Just a few days ago, Canon released a major firmware update for their XC10 4K hybrid stills and video camera, which improves the speed of AF in video by a factor of 2, and also adds MP4 recording format in HD plus a few more goodies.

Canon Xc10

Firmware Details

  • Enables users to select an MP4 recording format for recording HD video.
  • Increases the AF speed by a maximum of approximately two times.
  • Adds an AF speed settings menu (Fast/Normal/Slow).
  • Enhances the image quality in low brightness during HD shooting.
  • Makes onscreen displays possible during HDMI output (for HD video only).
  • Adds a shutter setting value (NTSC:1/25, 1/50; PAL:1/30) as a flicker reduction measure.

The Canon XC10 has been around for over a year now, and certainly found its place among video creators on a budget and those who already have CinemaEOS cameras, as the XC10 is quite popular as B or C camera to a C100 II, or C300/C300 II. The XC10 features UHD recording onto Cfast 2.0 cards in a very robust 8bit 422 305Mb/s XF-VAC codec, which is broadcast ready and can easily be intercut with C300 or C300 II footage as the XC10 supports Canon LOG as well as WideDR profiles.

Here is some really nice footage shot with the XC10:

Download firmware by clicking here.