Canon Explains The Science Behind 4K Optics

With 4K cameras becoming more and more popular, the lenses you put in front of the sensor become even more important as to render sharp and life-like images. Canon has some amazing 4K technology already like the Canon EOS C500 and the newer XC10 4K hybrid camera, and with the upcoming Canon C300 Mark II it's a good idea to look at some facts about 4K optics.

What makes a great 4K lens? Canon 4K optics are built upon decades of research and design to help you create compelling images for your stories. There are four primary factors in these lenses that help optimize your images:

  • Resolving power
  • Contrast ratio
  • Modular transfer function (MTF)
  • Lateral Chromatic Aberration

Learn more about each of these parameters in 4K optics in the video.

A great example of a fascinating 4K lens is the new Canon Cine-Servo 50-1000mm Ultra Telephoto Zoom lens. A unique lens in its own right, not just for the incredible range, but also for the fact that it weighs in just over 6 kg, much less than lenses with three times less range. The perfect weapon of choice for wildlife documentary DoP's, sport events as well as TV drama and film productions requiring the ultimate flexibility when it comes to focal range.


The Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 ultra-telephoto zoom lens provides 4K performance for Super35mm large-format single-sensor cameras and accommodates either broadcast or cinema-style production due to its removable Digital Drive unit.

Available in EF- or PL- mount versions, the lens delivering the world's longest focal length (75-1500mm with its built-in 1.5x extender) and highest (20x) magnification among super 35mm zoom lenses. The lens is great for sports, nature documentaries, and other types of long-zoom field production, yet it's easy to carry, has a relatively compact form factor of only 16.3 inches in length, and a weight of just 14.6 lbs. It can be used with major brands of single-sensor Super35mm cameras and conforms to industry-standard camera-to-lens communication protocols including 12-pin serial communication (common to major broadcast camera brands) and Canon EOS technology.

The CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 ultra-telephoto zoom lens allows for close-up 4K imaging of wildlife subjects while still maintaining the physical distances necessary in such shooting situations. Ruggedly built, its removable Digital Drive unit allows for broadcast-style operation with a convenient zoom/rocker switch, programmable zoom and focus settings, and data connections for use with broadcast-type field/studio zoom and focus servo-demand controls. Removal of the Drive unit enables Cinema-style operation; the lens includes clearly engraved barrel markings, an 11-blade iris to help achieve smooth "bokeh" backgrounds, and compatibility with lens-support rods, matte boxes, and other cinema accessories.

Converting the lens to a PL-mount version can be handled by authorized Canon service facility.

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