Canon EOS C700 High-End 4K Production Camera Officially Announced; Also New XC15 Camcorder and HDR Monitors

Canon kicked-off the IBC 2016 announcement season with a brand new top-end 4K Camera - the EOS C700 and an updated version of the XC10 called XC15. In addition to the two new cameras, Canon also announced a couple of new HDR 4K reference displays, which promise high-end picture fidelity for post-production professionals.

Canon C700 EF Mount

The new Canon EOS C700 represents decades of Canon Imaging technology expertise, and is undoubtedly the most complex and powerful imaging tool they have ever created. For the first time in an EOS Cinema camera we have a brand new shoulder-style camera design for better ergonomics that pro cameramen will be very familiar with.

Canon also developed their own Full HD (1920 x 1080) OLED viewfinder for the C700, giving cinematographers absolute assurance in their images. The EOS C700 is available in either EF or PL mount configurations with an electronic shutter 4.5K Super 35 CMOS sensor, and later on a Global Shutter version in PL mount (EOS C700 GS PL) for those looking to eliminate completely rolling shutter artifacts.


Canon EOS C700 Features

  • 4.5K Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • 4K RAW up to 100P/120P, to the optional dockable CODEX RAW recorder
  • 4.5K Raw output to CODEX Raw recorder
  • Locking EF Mount / PL Mount or PL Mount with Global Shutter (3 models)
  • Up to 15 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • BT.2020 Support for UHD Production
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • 4K/50p and 60p, 2K/HD up to 240 fps Super-Slow Motion
  • Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3
  • 10bit/12bit XF-AVC and 4444 ProRes
  • Records onto CFast 2.0
  • Intuitive User Interface
FSL 05

The EOS C700 is billed as the ultimate production tool - catering to both high-end cinema and broadcast productions alike with the separate B4 mount for 2/3 inch glass as well as ergonomic side-grip and specifically designed shoulder-mount for handheld operation.

The EOS C700 has so much going on inside that goes well beyond the scope of this article, which aims to give you the basics of the new camera. The EOS C700 features the already familiar 10bit and 12bit XF-AVC codec for 4K and 2K acquisition as well as Apple ProRes internally to CFast 2.0 cards. The camera has dual CFast 2.0 slots in addition to an SD card slot for proxy recording.

Canon EOS C700 B4

4K recording in 10bit 422 XF-AVC up to 60p, as well as 2K and Full HD at 12bit ProRes 4444XQ/4444 up to 50p in PAL. For those looking for the ultimate 4K image quality - the EOS C700 is capable of outputting 4K/120p RAW to a Codex recorder and 2K/240fps *with a sensor crop.

Canon LOG 2 and Canon LOG3 are also present for maximum flexibility in post. The industry's best Dual Pixel AF is also present on the C700 giving you access to a wide variety of EF lenses and autofocus support. The new EOS C700 is all about HDR and 4K production with built in ACES, BT.2020 and SMPTE.2084.

Documentary shooters will also appreciate the amazing 10-stop built-in ND filter system and multiple assignable buttons and detachable user interface screen for maximum control when having an AC on set.

We are extremely proud to be the official UK distributor for the new EOS C700 for the UK and be able to offer this phenomenal camera in all its configurations with all necessary accessories as soon as it becomes available.

Currently, Canon have told us to expect the camera EF and PL versions in December. The Global Shutter version is expected later on in early 2017.

You can see pricing on the cameras and accessories here on our website, or call us on 0208 977 1222 and our Canon EOS Cinema specialists will be able to give you a bespoke quote tailored to your production needs.

Xc15 Canon

The other camera announcement for this year's IBC trade show from Canon is their new XC15 camcorder. Some of you must be already familiar with the XC10 predecessor, which is quite a lovely 1-inch fixed lens camera capable of delivering stunning UHD images in a compact form factor.

The XC15 retains the form factor of the previous model, but improves the audio capabilities by adding pro audio connectivity via an included XLR add-on (which is available also for the C300 MkII). The camera also adds a Waveform monitor as an exposure tool, which is very helpful as it makes it easier to expose when shooting in Canon LOG.

Xc15 Canon front

Canon XC15 Features

  • 1-inch CMOS 4K Sensor
  • DIGIC DV 5 Processor
  • 8bit 4:2:2 XF-AVC Codec at 305Mb/s in 4K
  • Records 4K to CFast 2.0
  • SD Cards for Stills and Full HD
  • UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 25p
  • 10x Zoom Lens
  • XLR Audio Inputs
  • Waveform Monitor Display
  • 100 to 20,000 ISO range
  • Canon Log Gamma and Wide DR Gamma

Self-shooters, documentary filmmakers, event videographers and those looking for a robust 4K acquisition tool that is an out-of-the box package, should really look into the new XC15.

The XC15 is currently priced at £1995 + VAT an available to pre-order here.

We'll have more updates on both new cameras from the IBC show floor next week when we arrive in Amsterdam, so best to keep an eye out on our Youtube channel here and subscribe to get all the latest updates from the show.


Canon also announced two new professional 4K/UHD displays with HDR support - the DP-V2420 24-inch high-luminance (1000 nit) Professional 4K reference display and a 17-inch UHD monitor - the DP-V1710.

DP-V1710 professional 4K reference display, an industry-first 17-inch, 3840 x 2160 display ideal for use on set, in broadcasting vans, and in studios. Both displays feature a Canon-developed image-processing engine, proprietary back-light system and an IPS LCD panel, that when combined deliver excellent colour reproduction and high-resolution, high-contrast imaging performance.

Canon's DP-V2420 display qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and complies with the ITU-R BT.2100-0 HDR standard which specifies a peak luminance 1000 cd/m2 and a minimum luminance 0.005 cd/m2. The DP-V2420 is a reference display conforming to the latest HDR and 4K standards and is perfect for review and confirmation of high-quality 4K images thanks to the display's expanded dynamic range.

This greatly increases colour expression and the contrast between the light and dark areas of an image to achieve luminance expression close to that of the naked eye while also supporting the expression of natural colours and a sense of three-dimensionality.

The DP-V2420 (£17,000 + VAT) and DP-V1710 (£7,599 + VAT) displays are scheduled to be available in November 2016 and February 2017 and can be currently pre-ordered from Visual Impact by contacting us at 0208 977 1222.