Canon CN20x50 Cine-servo zoom lens

Canon CN20x50 Cine-servo zoom lens The Canon CN20 x x50 Cine-servo zoom lens offers stunning 4K performance, 20x zoom and a 1.5x built-in extender for an unrivalled 50-1000mm focal length (75-1500mm with extender). Ideal for sports and wildlife this incredible lens is also suitable for cinema-style applications.

The lens is available in PL or EF mount and employs a servo drive unit, perfect for shooting broadcast-style programs where cine lenses can be impractical. With a compact design the CN20 x50 weighs around 6.6kg and is ideal for tripod-based and virtual studio use.

Fully compatible with industry-standard accessories and matte boxes as well as 0.8 and 0.5 type gear module accessories such as follow focus units. In addition the EF-mount version supports lens metadata.

Canon CN20x50 Quick Highlights

  • Ultra-telephoto lens with class-leading focal length
  • Capture every detail in sports and nature TV broadcast
  • Achieve stunning shots in outstanding 4K quality
  • Enjoy a wide variety of shooting and expression
  • Carriable and durable with intuitive operation

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