Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens (CN20x 50 IAS H E1) Demo Video and Features

The latest addition to the Canon Cine Zoom range – the mighty and unprecedented CN20x 50 IAS H E1/P1 is a superb lens that’s designed for broadcast use with Super35mm cameras – whether HD, UHD or 4K. It has unprecedented quality in a range, size and weight currently unmatched on the market. The pinnacle of Canon's optical technology and lens design offers superior versatility and usability and features a completely removable updated servo drive unit that enables its use in broadcast-style shooting environments where typical cine lenses are usually impractical.

This lens offers a unique combination of broadcast operability and incredible accuracy, thus meeting the growing user-demand for Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution sports and nature television production. TV producers and documentary cinematographers can now capture wildlife in their natural habitat from currently unavailable distances, while still retaining ultimate image quality and control throughout the entire zoom range.

It is highly flexible to meet the huge, and highly unpredictable, demands of sports productions that typically require extremely high resolution for close-to-the-action stadium work whilst, for nature TV productions, operators work in hostile and sensitive conditions that often necessitate shooting from extremely long distances. In both environments, operators require fast, reactive positional changes, shooting flexibility and nimble hardware that allow them to respond to changes in the scene.

The Canon 50-1000mm Cine Ultra-Telephoto zoom is perfectly suited to tripod-mounted use during studio or outside broadcasts, too. Zoom, focus and iris can all be controlled using Canon’s existing zoom and focus demands, providing precise and convenient control over vital image parameters without the operator touching the lens. Virtual studio use is also supported thanks to a sophisticated 16-bit encoder output.

The built-in 1.5x extender allows for even longer focal lengthts of up to 1500mm. The lens is available in both EF (EOS electronic) and PL mounts (supporting Cooke/i Lens data technology) and is interchangeable. The mount swap needs to be performed at an authorised Canon Service Center.

Key Features

  • • 4K optical performance thanks to Canon lens technology; designed for Super35mm cameras
  • • Ultra-telephoto 20x zoom 50-1000mm focal length, ideal for broadcast and nature applications
  • • Built-in 1.5x extender for extreme telephoto shooting up to 1500mm
  • • Removable servo drive unit
  • • Rugged build quality for demanding environments; weatherproof and shockproof
  • • Carriable and lightweight (around 6.6kg) design offering a familiar and intuitive operating experience
  • • Compatible with typical broadcast and movie accessories
  • • EF- (/E1 variant) and PL- (/P1 variant) mounts available for maximum camera compatibility
  • • Extensive lens communication options (12-pin, EF, Cooke /i) support a range of production style

Introduction to the Canon CN20x 50 IAS H E1/P1 Cine Servo Ultra Zoom

Canon CN20x 50 IAS H E1/P1 Cine Servo Ultra Zoom Overview Video

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