Canon C700 Shoots a Stunning Aston Martin Advert

Canon shows off first official footage from the Canon C700, that was recently used to shoot a stunning Aston Martin commercial. The new Canon EOS C700 is the latest 4K flagship camera from Canon that made a huge splash at IBC 2016 where it was unveiled for the first time.

The Canon C700 is a major departure from the usual Cinema EOS body design into a more tradition shoulder mount style elongated design as to accommodate industry standard setups for studio or handheld.

However, the new EOS C700 is much more than just a radically re-designed top flight camera. Designed to be an A-cam on major drama, broadcast and Film productions, the Canon EOS C700 packed with the latest 4K functionality, colour management, and professional connectivity required for high-end productions.

The above commercial is a great example of the capabilities of the EOS C700 - it's seamless integration with the rest of the Cinema EOS lineup - including the C300 Mark II.

For any owner/op or production company out there considering getting into higher end 4K productions and maybe considering a purchase of an ARRI Amira or a Sony F55 - the EOS C700 is now certainly a contender worth considering.

Canon C700 EF Mount

Learn more about what it can do from our IBC 2016 video below:

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