Canon C300 Mark II Upcoming Firmware Update to add Audio in 2K Crop mode and Shutter Angle Priority

Canon announced the details of an upcoming firmware update for their Canon C300 Mark II camera, which will add audio in 2K crop mode and more new functions. The new firmware is expected to land in mid December.


The is actually good news not just for C300 Mark II users, but also for those who own a EOS C300 camera. The original C300 has been a staple in the UK broadcast industry ever since it's release five years ago, providing the much desired Super35 filmic look combined with Canon's esteemed pleasing colour science and wide compatibility with popular Canon EOS EF and EF-S range of lenses.

Some of the new functions in the upcoming December firmware release are applicable only to the C300 Mark II, however there are some such as Shutter Angle Priority and compatibility with the WFT-E8 wireless file transmitter.

New Features in December Firmware Update:

  • EVF-V70 OLED Electronic Viewfinder Support - This is only applicable to the C300 mark II EF and PL mount models. They now can be used with the optional EVF-V70 OLED Electronic Viewfinder (the one Canon developed for their EOS C700 flagship). The new viewfinder features a stunning OLED display with 1920x1080 resolution with a wide array of professional display functions, including HDR Simulation, Surround View, Zebra Mode and False Color Display.
  • Shutter Angle Priority - A constant shutter angle can now be maintained, regardless of any other camera settings being changed (applicable to all C300 and C300 II models).
  • Zebra Range Expanded Below 65% (C300 Mark II only) - the range of the Zebra 1 setting has been expanded to between 5% (±5%) and 95% (±5%) in steps of 5%. Previously, the Zebra 1 setting range was between 70% (±5%) and 95% (±5%).

The range of the Zebra 2 setting has been expanded to between 5% and 100% in steps of 5%. Previously, the Zebra 1 setting range was between 70% and 100%.

  • 2K Crop Audio Recording (C300 Mark II) - when shooting in 2K crop mode, users can now record audio. This is a major update for wildlife and documentary cinematographers, who often use Super16mm lenses or prefer to shoot in 2K crop mode to get the extra reach from their lenses.
  • Built-in Mic Audio Off (C300 Mark II) - The internal microphone on the camera body can now be turned off.
  • WFT-E8 Wireless File Transmitter Support (all models)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF Function - the C300 EF with DAF can now take advantage of the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology when used with the Cine-Servi CN7 17-120mm (EF-mount) and new Compact Servo 18-80mm T4.4L lens.
  • Grip Zoom Function (C300 II EF, C300 EF and C300 EF DAF) - the zoom functions of the CINE-SERVO 17-120mm (EF-mount), CINE-SERVO 50-1000 (EF-mount) and the COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm lenses can now be controlled directly from the camera’s grip unit.
  • Auto Iris and Push Iris Support (C300 EF and C300 EF DAF) -  when used with CN20x 50-1000mm, CN7x 17-120mm (EF) and Compact Servo 18-80mm lenses.
  • Peripheral Illumination Correction (C300 II EF, C300 EF and C300 EF DAF) - for EF24-105mm f/4L IS II USM lens. This allows the camera to automatically adjust the picture to correct for corner shading, helping to maintain consistent brightness across the image area and reduce vignetting.

We'll keep you posted on the availability of this firmware update in December, as soon as it is released. For further details or to order your C300 EF with Dual Pixel AF or C300 Mark II camera, head over to our website here or get in touch with our Sales team at 0208 977 1222.