Canon Announces DP-V2410 4K Reference Monitor

In addition to the just announced Canon C300 Mark II and XC10 4K cameras, Canon also announced its next generation of 4K reference display – the DP-V2410, a robust 24 inch reference monitor for on-set or on-location monitoring for the broadcast industry and cinema productions.

The new DP-V2410 delivers outstanding true 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution with stunning colour accuracy and tonality reproduction to aid Cinema EOS Camera 4K workflows and on-set monitoring. Housed in a robust and solid metal frame, the DP-V2410 is 24-inches diagonally and weighs in at approximately 26lbs (around 12 kg). The display features a 17:9 aspect ration with a 10-bit IPS RGB LED (In-Plane Switching) panel with accurate DCI-P3 colour reproduction and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.

In addition, to address the latest developments in digital acquisition and exhibition, the DP-V2410 is also capable of HDR support and internal debayering for RAW 4K video, specifically that of Canon’s newly announced EOS C300 Mark II 4K camera. This is a great cost-saving feature that a lot of production companies and post-houses will embrace as it does not require a debayering unit. The new BT.2020 colour space is also supported, which offers a greater reproduction of colour than the current broadcast standard REC.709. Furthermore, Canon’s automatic colour and brightness correction system ensures consistent image quality, colour and luminance, over time.

Additional monitoring features include a 4K capable Wave Form Monitor and a Vectorscope. The display also features multiple 1D/3D-LUTs for convenient monitoring and an audio level meter for accurate sound recording.


DP-V2410 Features and Highlights

  • 24-inch 4K professional reference display for digital cinema and video production

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode delivers more natural and realistic images

  • Colour settings synchronisation and built-in debayer for direct RAW input from Canon Cinema EOS cameras

  • Faithful colour reproduction with support for BT.2020, DCI-P3 and ACES Proxy (ACES ver. 1.0)

  • Automatic colour and brightness correction system ensures stable image quality over time

  • 2000:1 contrast ratio or greater

  • On-set functions include 4K capable Wave Form Monitor, Vectorscope, 3D/1D-LUT

  • Multiple connections including HDMI interface and four 3G/HD-SDI

  • Lightweight (12kg) and robust design for excellent portability

  • Support for 24 volt DC power input

Canon C300, C500 and future C300 II users can benefit greatly from the new features in the DP-V2410, which is set for release in November 2015 with UK pricing yet to be confirmed, but expected in the range of £12-13,000.

Press Release

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 8 April 2015 – Canon today announces its next generation of input-to-output solutions for 4K production workflows. The range includes the DP-V2410, a robust 24-inch 4K reference display, and two new 4K camcorders – the EOS C300 Mark II, a 4K Cinema EOS camera and the XC10, a compact, lightweight 4K video and digital stills camera for aspiring filmmakers.

The DP-V2410 – 24-inch 4K Reference Display

The new DP-V2410 has been engineered for use on-set or on-location in both broadcast and cinema productions, to provide accurate and reliable output of 4K content, facilitating live shooting for quality control, focusing and exposure confirmation, as well as on-set colour management and grading.

Sitting alongside the existing DP-V3010 in Canon’s 4K reference display range, the DP-V2410 delivers stunning 4K 4096 x 2160 resolution with astounding accuracy in colour reproduction. Thanks to a new High Dynamic Range Mode, the display makes it easy to see both extreme highlights and shadow detail simultaneously, providing a more natural and realistic image. The DP-V2410 has also been optimised to support the DCI-P3 cinema standard, the ITU-R BT.2020 broadcast standard and ACES Proxy (ACES Ver. 1.0). Furthermore, a new IPS panel with RGB LED backlight system enables a 2000:1contrast ratio, whilst Canon’s automatic colour and brightness correction system ensures consistent image quality, colour and luminance, over time.

Equipped with both 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI interfaces, plus a built-in debayer, the DP-V2410 is able to show native 4K RAW footage direct from compatible Cinema EOS cameras, saving costs on an external debayer unit. In addition, an image quality link-up function automatically synchronises the colour settings from compatible Canon cameras, preventing settings errors.

A range of on-set functions enable quick and easy content review, including a 4K capable Wave Form Monitor and Vectorscope which confirm signal data. Additionally the display features multiple 1D/3D-LUTs for convenient monitoring and an audio level meter for accurate sound recording.

The DP-V2410 is encased in a sleek and robust body and incorporates a sturdy handle. Weighing just 12kg, it’s easy transport around sets, and is equipped with a 24 volt DC power unit to work throughout the day.

The DP-V2410 is expected to be available in Europe in Q4 2015.

A new generation of 4K video capture – the EOS C300 Mark II and XC10

The EOS C300 Mark II is a new highly durable Cinema EOS 4K video camera, which enables filmmakers and broadcasters to record stunning 4K video with 15-stops of dynamic range at high bitrates to internal CFast 2.0™¹ cards. Created for aspiring filmmakers, or ideal for use as a B camera in professional productions, the XC10 is a new compact digital camcorder that offers the versatility to capture both high bit rate 4K video and 12MP stills, in one single device.