Canon Announce New Firmware Updates for Canon C300 Mark II, C100 Mark II, XC10, XF305 and More

Canon just announced a series of new firmware updates for their Cinema EOS camera line including the C300 Mark II and the C100 Mark II, as well as the 4K hybrid XC10 and the broadcast workhorse XF305 in addition to the CN7x17 servo zoom and the DP-V2410 4K reference display.


Here is the full list of upcoming firmware updates:

Canon C300 Mark II (new firmware late July 2016) - Major new features including:

  • Canon Log 3 (Canon Log and Canon Log 2 will still be available in the camera)
  • Viewfinder magnification during recording
  • Focus guide with EF cinema prime lenses
  • Push Auto Irish and Zoom function on the grip joystick with new compact-servo and CN E 18-80mm cine-servo zoom lens
  • Overall images improvements such as noise level reductions in low light for Canon log 2.

EOS C100 Mark II (new firmware late July 2016)

  • Dual-Pixel AF, Focus Guides, One Shot AF & Auto Iris, Push Auto Iris to work with the CN7x17 & new CN-E 18-80mm compact servo lens
  • Peripheral illumination correction updates
  • Selectable disabling of the microphone

ME20F-SH Camera (late June 2016)

  • Lens support for an additional 19 EF and CINE lenses
  • Activates 12-pin front terminal to power CN-E servo lenses
  • Aspect Ratio Markers (4:3, 2.39:1, 1.85:1, 1.66:1) added can be output via the On Screen Display (OSD)
  • 3 x Magnification Option in addition to the current 2x and 4x

DP-V2410 4K Reference Display 

  • Added support ARRI Log C and ARRI metadata;
  • Improve display contrast and dynamic range;
  • Add support for Canon Log3 and Hybrid Log Gamma;
  • Display of SMPTE 2084 input signal on the waveform monitor

DP-V3010 4K Reference Display

  • Improve display contrast and dynamic range
  • Support for Canon Log3 and Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Display of SMPTE 2084 input signal on the waveform monitor

CN7x17 Cine Servo 17-120mm Lens

Will be updated to be compatible with Canon’s DAF function in the EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C100 Mark II Cameras

XA35 and XA30 Professional Camcorders and LEGRIA HF G40 Camcorder (expected Late May 2016)

New MP4 file format at 8Mbps (720 / 59.94P, 50P) allowing the user to shoot low bit rate footage.

XF305 and XF300 Professional Camcorders (early June 2016)

  • Wide DR Gamma (600%) Mode
  • Highlight Priority Mode
  • Signal/Noise priority mode

XC10 4K Hybrid (Late June 2016)

  • New file format MP4 in HD mode
  • Improved AF speed (2x as fast)
  • Shutter speed options for flicker reduction.