C300 Mark II Canon Log 3 vs. Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 1 Side by Side Comparison

Renowned cinematographer and Canon Technical Advisor for their motion picture equipment, including the Cinema EOS Series, Brent Ramsay has the low-down on the latest firmware update for the Canon C300 Mark II, which adds among many other things, the much-awaited Canon LOG 3, while also hugely improving Canon Log 2.

The above comparison was shot Jon Carr, a filmmaker and post-production professional based in Los Angeles, who was given an early release version of the firmware update for the C300 Mark II. Jon travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah to capture some stunning images and give you an idea of the main differences between all 3 log gamma curves are on the C300 Mark II.

Zeiss Lens ring C300

As you see from the video comparison above, Canon Log 2 is still the curve with the most dynamic range, however it does require more work in post-production compared to Canon Log 1 and Canon Log 3, which are more contrasty.  The new Canon Log 3 is a great alternative for those who want to shoot Log, but don't have the budget or time to spent grading Canon Log 2. Canon Log 3 still delivers 1600% dynamic range - which is roughly 14 stops (compared to 15 stops in Canon Log 2), whiles keeping more contrast in the shadows.

Another major improvement in firmware version v.  is the reduced noise levels in the mids and shadows while shooting in Canon Log 2. The new firmware also reduces ‘streaking levels’ or as it's also known - ‘luminance banding’ or ‘CMOS smearing,’ which occurs when an object with very bright luminance in a scene bleeds into adjacent dark areas of a shot.

For further details on all the improvements in the latest firmware update for the C300 mark II head over to Canon's Education Portal here.

For those still unfamiliar with the C300 Mark II, check out our overview video below:

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