BVE 2016: New Monitors from TV Logic and SmallHD - 701 Lite and 702 Lite

BVE 2016 isn't all about cameras, and even though they are everywhere simply because manufacturers have to use them to display their accessories whether it be wireless solutions, lenses or monitors. We stopped by the TV Logic and Holdan booths where we saw a few new models that might be of interest to some of you.

SmallHD have a couple of new budget-friendly monitors for DSLR shooters or any video professional looking for a high-quality 7-inch monitoring solution for the Super 35 camcorder or mirrorless camera.

MON-702L_front smallhd 702 lite back

The 702 Lite features HDMI and SDI In and Out providing signal cross conversion in addition to a multitude of professional image control features such as zebras, peaking and scopes. The resolution is a very respectable 1280 x 800 and it is a bit less bright than the 702Bright monitor, at 400 nits, however it is still a very good quality monitor that will work in just about any situation with a sun hood for example.


The 701 Lite is basically the same as the 702 Lite in terms of features, build-quality and design, but does lose the SDI connectivity. The 701 Lite is HDMI in/out only, but it is a bit cheaper and caters to more DSLR oriented shooters.

Check out our video from BVE 2016 below:

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TV Logic were also at BVE 2016 and we stopped by their booth to check out a couple of new 7 inch monitors that offer serious features for a very reasonable price. Check out video below to learn more:

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