BVE 2016: Convergent Design Apollo Portable Multi-Camera Recorder & Odyssey7Q+ 4K Raw Recorder

At BVE 2016 we had a chance to check out the latest product release from Convergent Design - the Apollo multi-camera recorder/switcher, which can record up to 4 Full HD streams from 4 cameras and record into industry standard 10bit Apple ProRes codec on SSD drives for a quick turnaround. BVE 2016 is the first trade show in the world to fully showcase the capabilities of the Convergent Design Apollo. 

The Apollo can also be used as a video switcher for live events saving you a lot of money and eliminating the need for large and bulky pieces of equipment.

All cameras stay in perfect sync with matching timecode. A single SSD contains all of the multicamera media, dramatically reducing turnaround time for post. There are two SSD slots on Apollo, allowing for twice the record time or mirror recording for safety backup. Apollo utilizes industry-standard 2.5” SSD media, either manufactured by Convergent Design or qualified 3rd party models.

convergent-design-apollo recorder switcher

Check out our interview with Amber from Convergent Design below to learn more about the Apollo and the latest firmware update for the Odyssey7Q+.

Head over our website here to order the Apollo and for any questions don't hesitate to call us on 0208 977 1222.