Blackmagic Design Released Firmware Update 2.4 For Their Production Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design have been on a roll as of lately in the past two months the company has introduced a whopping 38 new products at NAB 2015, and in the meantime continued to support existing products, which is something they have been doing quite a lot as of lately not only fixing bugs but also adding major functionality across their camera range in particular.

Today, Blackmagic Design released their latest firmware update 2.4, which mostly affects the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, by adding frame guides (already present on the Cinema camera and Pocket) in addition to an update install camera utility, and the much awaited Dashboard bypass. The latter is achieved by holding down the MENU button and also peaking state is remembered, which is always helpful.

The Production Camera 4K is still an extremely versatile tool offering 12 stops Dynamic range, the ability to record in various ProRes flavours, and compressed lossless CinemaDNG raw, which will save you some hard disk space, while still preserving all the benefits that 12-bit Raw provides - such as the ability to change the White Balance of your shots in post, ISO and exposure adjustments and a wide range of 3D LUT's in DaVinci Resolve or other grading software to get  you closer to your desired look.


While we are all eagerly anticipating the new URSA Mini 4K and 4.6K as well as the Micro Cinema and Micro Studio 4K cameras to land next month, those owner operators or DP's frequently using the Production 4K camera, can now benefit from this extra functionality. See more from Blackmagic Design below.

What's new in Blackmagic Camera Setup 2.4

  • Blackmagic Production Camera 4K - Updated camera utility - Adds support for more frame guides option - Holding down MENU will bypass the Dashboard

Minimum system requirements for Mac OS X * Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite * Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later - A suitable USB 2.0 port - Thunderbolt port for UltraScope and Media Express when using Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Minimum system requirements for Windows * Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit * Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit - A suitable USB 2.0 port - A suitable Thunderbolt port when using Blackmagic Cinema Camera or Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Installing Blackmagic Camera Setup * Before installing the software, we recommend that you run "Uninstall Camera Utility" first.

After loading the software on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF or MFT, you may notice a slight flickering on the built-in LCD screen. This is normal and expected behaviour. The flickering will go away after a few minutes of operation.


The Blackmagic Camera Installer package installs: - Blackmagic Camera Setup - Blackmagic Media Express - Blackmagic UltraScope - Blackmagic Disk Speed Test - Blackmagic Multibridge Utility

Click on the link here to download the latest Camera Setup 2.4