AutoScript Voice Plus May Just Change the Way You Use a Teleprompter. Forever.

AutoScript Voice Plus is a revolutionary new way of controlling the scroll speed of your prompter totally hands free without the need for controllers. At IBC 2016, the company demoed Voice Plus at their booth, and the results are quite fascinating. This new feature has the potential to change the way you use a teleprompter forever.

The new  Voice-Plus voice-activated teleprompting software solution uses core technology developed by SysMedia and is an add-on module for Autoscript's WinPlus software. Voice-Plus automatically scrolls the teleprompter in time with the spoken word of the talent, completely eliminating the need for manual control.


Voice Plus is designed to work with Autoscript's broadcast TFT-17 and TFT-20 on-camera prompters, the new W17 and W17 HD/SD monitors offer flexibility and functionality. The multi-format W17 auto-senses NTSC, PAL, SECAM, S-Video, DVI-D and VGA while the W17 HD/SD also auto-senses SDI and HD-SDI.

At IBC 2016, AutoScript also demoed their amazing Conference Rise & Fall Robotic prompters, which can be pre-programmed to adjust the height of the stands automatically using programming or WinPlus Conference software. These usually come in pairs and are handy for large conferences where subtlety and audience engagement is key.

At IBC we also had a chat with Simon about their new iPad Pro 12.9-inch prompter.

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