Atomos Shogun 6.02 Firmware Update & Introduction Video with Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young

The Atomos Shogun, easily one of the best things to come out of the past year, recently started shipping in limited quantities to first pre-orders. The high quality 7 inch monitor provides some fantastic professional image control features such as waveform, and focus peaking alongside professional audio capture as well as Ultra HD recording capabilities in a broadcast friendly ProRes codec in various flavours from LT to 422 and HQ 422.

The Atomos Shogun is the perfect companion to the Panasonic GH4, which already shoots 4K internally on SDXC cards, however for those wanting to upgrade their footage to a 10bit 422 chroma sampling – the Atomos Shogun will provide such recording capabilities via HDMI. The Sony A7s with its full frame super-sensitive sensor can currently record 1080p internally, however the Shogun can unlock the true potential of this phenomenal camera giving it the 4K (UHD) treatment.

Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos recently did a very informative introduction video on the features of the Shogun, and what comes in the case – which is a very sturdy one at that. See it below.

Atomos Shogun Introduction from Atomos Video on Vimeo.

In addition, just recently the Shogun got a firmware update, the details of which are listed below.

Atomos Shogun 6.02 release notes

This update contains all the features of the previously released updates.

Enhancements and Fixes:

* Fixed occasional 1/2 blue frame chroma swap (Yr Yb) when recording 4K 30p on A7s and GH4. * Implemented user feature request. WFM to automatically minimise from full screen or bottom 3rd to mini in order to monitor the display.

Delayed Features:

* Playback - Unfortunately we have experienced some difficult issues, which are being solved now. We now estimate end of January for this release. It could be sooner if solving these problems goes well. We apologise once again for these delays and appreciate your patience. * DNxHD - We expect Avid DNxHD to be available mid February * 3D LUT's - Expected March * Cinema DNG - Due to the delays in releasing playback and DNxHD, Cinema DNG will also be delayed until March. However we can let you know that the following are planned to be implemented for RAW support: FS-RAW (FS700, FS7), C500, Arri RAW, Panasonic V-RAW

Known Issues (Atomos):

* Rolling timecode trigger does not work at 1080p50/60. * RED & C500 SDI 1080p50/60 bug found.

Known Issues (3rd party):

* Transcend media only works if inserted with unit already turned on * OCZ media not recommended * BMD 6G-SDI products not compatible in UHD4Kp60. Shogun is compliant with the current SMPTE 6G-SDI standard, the Hyperdeck Studio tested was not compliant. Until BMD update to the current SMPTE provisional 6G standard ST 2081-1:201x (Version 4, 2014-06-04) on their 6G products, Shogun will not work with these devices.

If you already own an Atomos Shogun recorder, or if you're planning on getting one, you can see the list of supported SSD drives below released by Atomos. It is crucial that only approved media is used with the recorder to ensure compatibility and issue-free operation.

4K recommended SSD drives for the Shogun:


Download the 6.02 Firmware Update Here

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