Atomos 7.01 Firmware Update adds HDR Interface to Flame Series

Just two weeks ago Atomos announced their latest HDR monitor/recorders - the Flame Shogun and Flame Ninja, bringing affordable HDR to the masses and now their are adding the HDR interface to the Flame monitor/recorders in firmware 7.01.

The Flame Shogun/Ninja are also shipping as of just a few days ago. To grab yours follow the link at the bottom of this post.

Shogun Flame 7.01 Firmware New features:

- Updated user interface to make HDR decision making easier. Transition in steps from SDR to HDR with the new slider and see the number of stops above SDR and % brightness range above SDR (Rec709).


Atomos Flame Shogun/Ninja Features and Highlights

  • 7-inch 10-bit 1920 x 1200 HDR IPS touch-screen
  • 1500 nit birghtness for bright outdoor conditions
  • AtomHDR engine and HDMI connections
  • Records 4K & HD 10-bit ProRes/DNxHR
  • 4K Raw recording for Sony FS700/FS7 and Canon C300 II/C500
  • Rugged Design

The new HDR functionality and 10bit performance of the Flame series monitor/recorders is quite impressive. As Jeremy points out in the video above, HDR is simply the best way to monitor a LOG signal out of a camera today. On a standard Rec.709 gamma monitor, regardless of manufacturer operators just cannot see the detail available in the highlights and shadows due to the sever 5-6 stops DR limitation inherent in Rec.709 itself.

As the professional video world moves into the much anticipated and now needed BT.2020 colour space and broadcasters actually start broadcasting content in UHD "en masse", on the production side of things HDR monitoring will become monitoring. In today's world, acquiring in 4K from 10bit cameras like the Sony FS7 and Canon C300  can be quite satisfying in post-production, but rarely on set, as clients and directors are forced to monitor the footage in a very narrow Rec.709 monitor.


The great thing about the Flame series  is that they are affordable enough for production and rental companies to buy multiples of them and with wireless monitoring solutions such as Teradek these devices can be turned into wireless director monitors for a very reasonable price.

Head over to Atomos to download the latest firmware 7.01 for your Flame.

To order your Atomos Flame monitor/recorder head over to our Atomos page here.