AtomOS 6.5 Firmware Update Brings Canon RAW to ProRes/DNxHR and More Frame Guides

Atomos just released the latest firmware 6.5 for their popular 4K recorders Shogun and Ninja Assassin - some of the new features include Canon EOS C300 Mark II and C500 Raw to ProRes support, more 3D LUTs for the C300 Mark II, and improved frame guides including 16:9, 2.4:1, 2.35:1, 1.9:1, 1.85:1 and 4:3.

In addition, the latest firmware update fixes a few bugs with Timecode accuracy in RAW Sony FS700 recordings and various touch screen sensitivity improvements. See the full details of what the latest firmware includes below:


Atomos Shogun 6.5 New features:

- Canon C500 and C300 Mark II - Raw to Prores and DNxHR

- 3D LUTs Included Canon C300 Mark II: * BT2020 C-log2 to Rec709 Gammut, Rec709 Gamma * BT2020 C-log2 to Rec709 Gammut, Rec709 Wide Dynamic Range * Cinema Gammut C-log2 to Rec709 Gammut, Rec709 Gamma * Cinema Gammut C-log2 to Rec709 Gammut, Rec709 Wide Dynamic Range

- 3D LUTs Included in Canon C500: * REC709 Gammut, C-log Gamma to Rec709 Gammut, Rec709 Gamma

- Added motion blur option to Time Lapse Mode blur up to 64 continuous frames together in one sequence.

- Added Panasonic Type 3, JVC and Ikegami camera triggers (Access via input page)

- Added option to manually enable and disable downscale as well as automatically detecting the HDMI output and adjust output resolution accordingly.

- Added LTC through Genlock input - Accessed via the timecode source option in the Timecode page.

- New and improved frame guides: * Supporting the following ratios: 16:9, 2.40:1, 2.35:1, 1.9:1, 1.85:1, 4:3 * New action and title safe area guides * All guides work with anamorphic de-squeeze

- 1:1 and 2:1 zoom can now be selected when anamorphic de-squeeze is enabled

Bug fixes:

* Improved Interlace Display on LCD * Improved Sony 4K TV Audio support over HDMI * Various Touch Screen Sensitivity improvements * Improved Timecode accuracy in RAW Sony FS700 recordings.

Shogun 6.4

Atomos at IBC 2015 Video:

We also stopped by the Atomos Booth at IBC 2015 to check out the new Atomos Ninja Assassin 4K HDMI and the GH4R which was rigged with Atomos kit at their stand.

To download AtomOS 6.5 head over to Atomos, or to purchase your Shogun or Ninja Assassin head over to our website here.