New products from ARRI at IBC 2018

This is a brief summary of the new product announcements from ARRI at IBC 2018. A more detailed blog and product description will be produced soon. If you want to discuss anything in detail or pre-order please call our sales team on 0208 977 1222.

Among the many products and accessories that ARRI were showing at IBC I think the Operator Control Unit OCU1 and Stellar smartphone app stood out for me so this is where I’m going to start this review.

Operator Control Unit OCU1

This compact lens control unit is part of the WCU-4 lens control system for the ALEXA Mini. Offering similar functionality to their popular Master Grips, the OCU1 allows the operator to override the WCU-4 with the touch of a button and take control of zoom, iris and focus. It can also be used as an electronic follow focus unit.

Stellar Lighting Control app

ARRI also launched their stunning Stellar smartphone and table app for professional lighting control. The Stellar app is very intuitive and exceptionally well designed; it allows users to automatically manage complex DMX settings and integrates seamlessly with the SkyLink, SkyPanel, and L-Series hardware giving you endless control over colours, special effects and other features.

Lightweight Matte Box LMB 6x6

A new matte box was launched called the LMB 6x6 to complement its already comprehensive range. It is designed for maximum modularity at a minimum weight, and optimized for 6.6 x 6.6 inch filters. The Matte Box can be used with 15 mm and 19 mm studio rod support. To avoid unwanted reflections the LMB 6x6 can be tilted 10° up and down with the optional Swing-Away Tilt Module. All common lens diameters are available as clamp adapters to fit the matte box directly to a lens.

New Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2 for ALEXA LF

ARRI have launched a new viewfinder for their ALEXA LF camera which is very similar design to the EVF-1. It maintains its predecessor’s proven robustness, reliability and ergonomics, the EVF-2 is equipped with a new display with 1080p resolution and higher contrast, improving the operator’s ability to judge focus and dynamic range. The display in the old EVF-1 has been discontinued, which required ARRI to make a new viewfinder for the LF. Main features are below.

Main Features

  • Full HD resolution and higher contrast
  • Glass eyepiece based on ARRICAM/AMIRA design
  • Enables better evaluation of focus, dynamic range and colour
  • Proven robust housing and controls
  • Improved image science
  • EVF-2 requires Software Update Package


ARRI Vertical Format Adapter

That’s right you didn’t misread it, ARRI have made an adaptor that lets you rotate your ALEXA Mini 90° which say ARRI is ideal for shooting portraits with your ALEXA Mini. This is achieved with 4 identical adapters threaded into Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1/MAP-2. There you have it… the new vertical viewfinder adapter allows your viewfinder an accurate framing of your vertically filmed scene.

DRW-1 Digital remote geared head

ARRI is launching a new Digital Remote Wheels DRW-1—an additional controller for use with its Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3. The DRW-1 combines state-of-the-art digital technology with components inspired by earlier generations of the ARRIHEAD. The heavy, hand polished, precision-engineered crank wheels are the same as were used on the mechanical ARRIHEAD. Bringing a mechanical touch and feel to a digital workflow, they provide operators with maximum control by producing a smooth, linear information stream, and enabling operators to trust their muscle memory.

Mechanical friction can be added in order to make the controls less prone to unintended movement, but more responsive to the individual. The brake lever also pays homage to its counterpart on the ARRIHEAD, mimicking the operation of its mechanical forebear and allowing for optimal, intuitive control.

“Everything here is a classic design—after just a minute the operator will feel at home with this,” says Curt Schaller, Product Manager, ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems. “In the end—it’s all about having everything under control.”


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