ARRI at IBC 2019

This is a brief summary of the new product announcements from ARRI at IBC 2018. A more detailed blog and product description will be produced soon. If you want to discuss anything in detail or pre-order please call our sales team on 0208 977 1222.

Orbiter ultra-bright LED point source

Just prior to IBC starting ARRI have announced the Orbiter a new lamp for cinema lighting. If you think the name is out there just wait until you see a picture of it. It looks a bit like the Sony portable TV sets from the 80’s (if you haven’t seen one ask your Dad) or an early Mac. When you attach the optics at the front (especially the 15 degree Open Face) it morphs into what looks like a small camera!

Anyway enough of my 80’s references let’s get back to the product details which is what you are looking for after all.

According to ARRI their new Orbiter LED light is the most advanced fixture for image capture and colour fidelity. The ARRI Orbiter is a highly-directional, highly-tunable and very powerful LED with various changeable optics powered via the state of the art ARRI Spectra wide gamut light engine. The Orbiter comes equipped with the latest connectivity such as wired and wireless DMX and has its own Lighting Operating System. A detachable control unit provides extensive control for film sets, broadcast and stage work. Rivalling the light output of traditional HMI’s, the ARRI Orbiter offers total light colour control up to 20,000 Kelvin as well as perfectly smooth dimming to zero.

Key features

  • Variety of optics including: open face, projection, dome, and softboxes
  • ARRI Spectra six-colour, wide gamut light engine
  • Extremely powerful output for maximal brightness and perfect colours
  • Lighting Operating System (LiOS) with powerful software features
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Integrated colour sensor for matching ambient light
  • Removable, intuitive control panel
  • Full suite of connectors and sensors
  • Perfected smooth dimming to zero
  • Internal power supply, wireless DMX, & battery input

Watch video here

List prices will be announced by end of this year and ARRI expects the first shipment to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

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