ARRI Announce New 28mm T1.9 and 180mm T2.8 Master Anamorphic Lenses at NAB 2016

After announcing some pretty significant new features in their ALEXA SXT camera lineup, ARRI also announced two new additions to their Master Anamorphic family of lenses - a wide-angle 28mm T1.9 and a 180mm T2.8 MA. You can check out our post on the latest ALEXA SXT update here.

Master Anamorphics ARRI NAB 2016 28mm t1.9 and 180mm t2.8

The 28mm T1.8 Master Anamorhic lens matches the super-fast T1.9 maximum aperture of the other seven MA lenses up to the 135mm T1.9, thus making it ideal of low-light shooting environments. Both lenses have been again developed collaboratively with legendary German optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss, setting a new high standard unrivalled image performance in the world of anamorphic lenses.

Much like their Master Anamorphic brethren, the new 28mm and 180mm MA lenses are capable of producing lovely looking and organic images with stunningly accurate skin tones and crisp, natural looking colours with incredibly low distortion and edge-to-edge sharpness even when shooting wide at wide open apertures.


Master Anamorphic Features

  • Low distortion for uncompromised anamorphic capture
  • Cinematic bokeh with high contrast and nice focus fall-off
  • Beautiful skin tones and precise color rendition
  • Characteristic oval out-of-focus highlights
  • Large image field for full freedom in composition
  • Fast T-stop for shallow depth of field
  • Flare set accessories for alternative looks

Absolute Image quality and consistently across the frame is at the pinnacle of ARRI/Zeiss lens collaborations and the 15 blade diaphragm produces beautifully rounded and pleasing oval bokeh highlights, which are evenly illuminated. The combination of accurate skin tones, life-like colours in combination with the magical bokeh contributes to the truly immersive cinematic look that ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses are well known for.

Master Anamorphics NAB

The 180mm T2.8 Master Anamorphic lens is optimized for the ARRI LDS Extender 1.4x to extend the focal length to 250 mm, and with the LDS Extender 2.0x to achieve a focal length of 360 mm. The nine Master Anamorphic prime lenses in combination with the Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom AUWZ 19-36/T4.2 now cover an exceptionally wide focal length range of 19 mm to 360 mm taking care of just about every possible focal length high-end productions require.

Check out the new stunning ARRI Alexa MINI Showreel for NAB 2016 below.

Pricing and availability have not been announced yet, however we'll keep you updated as to when this happens. For more information on all things ARRI and/or to pre-order your new Master Anamorphic lenses get in touch with our ARRI Specialists at 0208 977 1222.