ARRI Alexa SXT Gets ProRes 2K and 4K Anamorphic Modes, plus Open Gate ProRes 3.4K and ARRIRAW 3.2K

ARRI are taking their new Alexa SXT flagship to a new level at NAB 2016 by adding new high resolution recording modes including 2K and 4K ProRes, Open-Gate 3.4K ProRes and ARRIRAW 3.2K to satisfy the ever increasing needs and demands on modern high-end cinema and broadcast productions.

Alexa SXT

Here is what ARRI added to the Alexa SXT at NAB 2016:

  • ProRes 2K and 4K Cine Anamorphic

The camera creates a ready-to-view ProRes image in the 2K or 4K DCI delivery format, with no debayer, cropping, re-scaling or de-squeezing needed in post.

  • Open Gate ProRes 3.4K

Open Gate with a lower data rate. Combines the immediacy, speed and economy of ProRes with the resolution advantages of Open Gate.

  • ARRIRAW 3.2K

Offers the largest pixel raster that also fits inside the image circle of most ARRI Super 35 PL mount lenses and reaches 120 fps. Less of a data load than 4K, but enough resolution for padding or up-sampling.

The ALEXA SXT is the latest evolution in the Alexa lineup and quite possible except for the 65mm 5-perf digital film Alexa 65, it produces the most beautiful images in HD, 2K and 4K resolutions known to man today. Of course, this is open for debate, but one thing is certain - the ARRI look has been an industry standard since the original Alexa Classic debuted six years ago.


The ALEXA SXT is also delivering the highest dynamic range of any camera in the market by meeting the resolution needs of 4K and UHD distribution with easy workflows, it is also uniquely well-equipped to create content that will take fullest advantage of emerging HDR (High Dynamic Range) display technologies.

In addition, the ability of the ALEXA SXT to capture footage at speeds as high as 120 fps in full base-band readout enables cinematographers and filmmakers to give their stories that special slow-motion look.

At Visual Impact we are extremely proud to be one of the very few authorised ARRI dealers in the UK and be able to offer the Alexa SXT, Alexa MINI, AMIRA and rest of the ARRI camera line-up to our broadcast and film industry customers.

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