ARRI Alexa MINI SUP 4.0 Important Notice

If you recall we updated you on the latest SUP 4.0 for the ARRI Alexa MINI in an earlier blog post here. Earlier today ARRI issued an important notice regarding the latest SUP 4.0 for the ARRI Alexa MINI. The notices has to do with a bug that occurs when shooting in 2.39:1 2K Anamorphic that produces an image artifact which leads to aliasing and jagged edges.

Alexa Mini Gimbal

Here's the info from ARRI:

Due to an inconsistency in the scaling node in SUP 4.0, recording resolution 2.39:1 2K Anamorphic produces an image artifact that leads to aliasing and jagged edges. We highly recommend to refrain from using this recording resolution for any shooting. We are currently resolving this issue. The solution will be included in the SUP 4.0 bug fix release, and we will keep you informed.

We strongly urge our customers who have purchased ALEXA MINI's to avoid shooting in this resolution and aspect ratio for the time being until ARRI releases a firmware fix, which will be hopefully very soon.