New Pro ARRI Accessories for Panasonic AU-EVA1

Newly released pro camera ARRI accessories for Panasonic AU-EVA1 include rugged base plates, shoulder support, follow focuses, matte boxes, zip gears and more. This post will guide you through fitting your camera with the latest accessories so you can start shooting your next production.

If you own, or plan to soon purchase a Panasonic EVA1, you seriously need to look at this ARRI PCA kit below. These new ARRI accessories for Pansonic AU-EVA1 can be configured in the ARRI PCA Cine LWS EF-set/Broadcast LWS EF-set for the EVA1.

ARRI Accessories for Panasonic AU-EVA1

The ARRI PCA Pro Set for the EVA1 features the ARRI plate for the EVA1 at the base, top plate, 15mm bars (240mm), a top mounted monitor bracket, handle grip adapter and a battery plate for AB or V-mount batteries. The benefit of the ARRI PCA kits is that they can be build upon and extended with additional accessories such as handle bars, matte boxes, follow focus units and more.

Plate for AU-EVA1
The ARRI plate for Panasonic AU-EVA1 is a hybrid support with 15mm LWS Base Plate and comfortable shoulder pad. The plate works perfectly with BP-8 or BP-9 and also with VCT-style tripod adapters such as the QRP-1.

Top Plate
The ARRI Top Plate for Panasonic AU-EVA1 is a lightweight support featuring numerous accessory threads and a built-in console for 15 mm LWS rods.

Support Rods 240 mm (9.4 inch), Ø 15 mm
One pair Ø 15 mm, stainless steel, lightweight

Monitor Bracket
The Bracket attaches the AU-EVA1 Monitor via 15mm LWS rods and a monitor mount

HGA-3 for Panasonic AU-EVA1
The handle adapter allows to attach the Panasonic AU-EVA1 handgrip at a handgrip extension. This allows to extend the distance between camera and handle.

Battery Adapter Plate BAP-1
The battery plate allows industry standard battery mounts such as V-mount and Gold Mount to fit to 15mm LWS rods. The battery plate can be offset in order to clear rear card slots or optimise balance.

15 mm LWS Rod Console
Can be mounted to several ARRI support accessories and offer optional front and rear or top mounted 15mm LWS rods.

Support Rods 140 mm (5.5 inch), Ø 15 mm
One pair Ø 15 mm, stainless steel, lightweight

ARRI Accessories for Panasonic AU-EVA1

Also available is a Basic Set kit for the Panasonic EVA1 compromising of the ARRI shoulder plate, top plate and support rods 204mm.

For further information on all the rest of ARRI PCA kit for the Panasonic EVA1, head over to ARRI's website here.