v8.3 Shogun Inferno Firmware adds 4Kp100/120 Burst

The latest firmware v8.3 Shogun Inferno update from Atomos adds Quad-Link and Dual-link support for ProRes/DNxHD recording. 4K Raw 100/120fps burst support for Sony PXW-FS5 and FS700 cameras.

This update contains all featureness from AtomOS 8.21 for Shogun Inferno. Though FS5 and FS700 users will find that the burst mode is limited to 4 seconds, it does however translate to 16/20 seconds on a 24fps time-base real time.

FS5+Shogun Inferno 4K 100FPS Raw to Prores Test shoots

v8.3 Shogun Inferno Firmware Details:
• Quad-Link and Dual-Link cameras are now supported with ProRes/DNxHD
• Sony FS Raw 4Kp100/120 burst recording mode added for Sony FS5/FS700
• Secure Erase option for selected media to maximize SSD performance
• This release contains all the features from AtomOS 8.21 for Shogun Inferno

The following cameras are supported with Quad-Link (Squared & 2SI):
• Canon C700
• Panasonic Varicam 35
• RED DCSM1 with REDCast Module – Epic & Scarlet Dragon (Mysterium X not supported)
• Sony PMW-F55
• Sony PMW-F5 + CBKZ-55FX 4K expand option
• Sony F65RS + CA-4000 + SKC-4065 + BPU-4000 (for studio camera configuration)
• Sony HDC-4800 (4K studio camera and CCU)
• Sony HDC-4300(4K studio camera and CCU)
• Toshiba IK-4K

v8.3 Shogun Inferno Firmware

The following cameras are supported with Dual-Link:
• Canon C500 2K/60p
• Panasonic Varicam LT – 10bit Dual Link RAW

Secure Erase is supported on selected media for:
• Sandisk Extreme Pro
• Atomos branded G-Tech media
• Atomos branded Angelbird media

Note for Panasonic LT users and V-Log recording on Shogun Inferno:

To preserve V-Log recording in its original form, users need to apply a specially developed 3D LUT; more info from Atomos.

Panasonic RAW to VLog Correction LUT

Atomos maintain the native Pana RAW LUT and do not convert to V-Log on the unit currently. To record V-Log the same as the camera does internally please apply the 3D LUT found here