100th Episode Special including our Top 10 Picks

Welcome to the 100th episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

Since we started this weekly show way back in 2016 we have seen some really innovative and exciting products from a host of manufactures both large and small.

This week we are featuring our TOP 10 picks from the previous episodes which includes some great products from ARRI, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Zeiss, VITEC, Blackmagic Design and many more.

Panasonic EVA1

We start off with the Panasonic EVA1 compact Super 35 camera that offers indie filmmakers and content producers a budget-friendly option to capture up to 5.7K Raw to an external recorder. The EVA1 benefits also from the Canon EF mount and extensive 10bit codec options for resolutions from 4K, 2K and Full HD including super-slow motion.

Canon C200

The Canon C200 took things even further with its ability to record 4K/60 Raw internally onto a CFast card thanks to the new Canon Raw Light compressed format. With its compact form factor, touch screen and industry leading Dual Pixel Autofocus, the C200 has been extremely popular with a wide variety of filmmakers shooting documentaries, commercials, corporate work, weddings and events.


The Sony VENICE was a huge announcement by Sony, who took the cinematography world by storm with their 6K full-frame top-end camera announcement. Sony have committed to a solid roadmap for firmware updates to expand the camera’s capabilities even further. The VENICE will also offer the option to replace the sensor block in the future.


ARRI also announced their large format Alexa LF camera in addition to a new range of ARRI Signature Primes for full-frame capture giving cinematographers a wider canvas for expression. Adopting many of the advanced features and design of the ALEXA SXT W, the LF is a future-proof way for producers to ensure Netflix compliance for commissioned work and capture stunning HDR images with arguable the industries best sensor.

Zeiss Supreme Lenses

Zeiss also entered the large-format arena with their new Supreme lenses designed for full-frame cinematography with the latest large format cameras such as the Sony VENICE, RED Monstro 8K and the Alexa LF. The Zeiss Supremes feature a compact and lightweight design with 95mm fronts and a fast maximum aperture of T1.5 on most focal lengths.

Sigma High Speed Cine Primes

For those looking to shoot full-frame cinema on a smaller budget, but without compromising sharpness and image quality, the Sigma High Speed Cine Primes offer a huge range of focal lengths from 14mm to 135mm in a variety of mounts including EF and PL. Based on the excellent optics of their industry leading Art series of photography lenses, the Sigma 18-35mm and 50-100mm High Speed Cine Zooms offer incredible value for money for those DPs looking to stick with the industry standard Super 35 format.

Blackmagic RAW

Speaking of Blackmagic Design we have to mention their amazing new Blackmagic Raw format, which offers significant hard drive disk space savings without compromising Raw image quality and editing speed. Currently only available in the URSA Mini Pro, we are hoping to see the Blackmagic Raw format make an appearance soon in the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, which offers an incredible value for money considering its extensive recording options including ProRes and CinemaDNG at 4K/60p in addition to a large Micro Four thirds sensor compared to its predecessor, and a vastly improved touchscreen combined with multiple recording media options including SD cards, Cfast and even recording to an external SSD via USB.

Sachtler/Vinten Flowtech Tripod

The new Sachtler and Vinten Flowtech Tripod technology has made quite the splash among camera professionals looking for a solid, but lightweight solution that is super-quick to deploy, but also at the same time able to carry a decent payload. Now available in both 75mm and 100mm bowl mount versions, the Flowtech tripods really have to be experienced to be believed how sturdy and fast to deploy they are.

Litepanels Gemini

Litepanels released their revolutionary Gemini 2x1 RGB LEDs offering high-quality soft light output in a rugged for factor that is both studio-ready as well as field compliant. The Gemini feature intuitive and ergonomic controls on the back and also give cinematographers access to a wide range of built-in colour and special effects.

Vocas MFC-3 Follow Focus

The Vocas MFC-3 Follow Focus has been one of our favourite pieces of gear announced in the last two years. Featuring a unique design without a transmission between the focus knob and the drive gear, the Vocas MFC-3 eliminates the possibility of play even when working with stills lenses using third party gear rings.


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