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  • AKG SE300B Output/Powering module. Incorp

SE300B (Used)


SE300B (Used) Output/Powering Module. Incorporates Swi

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SE300B (Used)

1x Used AKG SE300B

The AKG SE-300B is a power supply and signal output stage for all AKG Blue Line series microphone capsules. The power supply is designed as the back-bone of the Blue Line series, allowing a variety of interchangeable capsules to be used as applications change.

The SE-300B is a lightweight, rugged unit with an output stage that preserves the integrity of the audio signal while providing a very low noise floor and high output gain. A preattenuation switch provides extra headroom and eliminates distortion caused by overload when reproducing excessively loud signals. A low frequency roll-off switch reduces low frequency noise caused by wind, ambiance, bad grounds etc. The SE-300B is powered with an external 9 to 52 V phantom power source.

Blue Line Series Power Supply
The SE-300B is designed for use with all AKG Blue Line series microphone capsules.

Transformerless Output Stage
Quiet noise-free signal at high output gain are a result of the transformerless output circuitry Incorporated in the SE-300B.

Pad Switch
A preattenuation pad switch enhances head room and prevents overload caused by excessively loud signals.

Low Frequency Roll-Off
A low frequency roll-off switch removes low frequency rumble and noise caused by wind, ambiance, etc.

- 2x SE300B Mic pre amps
- 2x CK93 Hyper cardiod capsule
- 2x CK91 Cardiod capsule
- 2x AT 8601 Table stands
- 2x AKG Wind gags
- 2x AKG Mic clips
- 1x AT 8415 Mic suspension
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Output/Powering module. Incorporates switchable 12dB/octave bass cut filter at 75Hz, and 10dB attenuation pad. Tranformerless output stage ensures pristine full-range audio and prevents LF distortion. Includes SA60 stand mount.