4061-FM (Used)


4061-FM (Used) Miniature Microphone Lo-Sens Beige

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4061-FM (Used)

1x DPA Microphone 4061-FM

Originally designed for use with wireless systems in theatre, television and close-positioned instrument applications, these miniature microphones use a 5.4mm diameter pre-polarised condenser element with a vertical diaphragm, specifically to cope with sweat, humidity, wind and 'popping'.

The acoustic response of the microphone is selected by a choice of two 'protection grids', supplied with each microphone. The short grid gives a 3dB soft boost at 8-20kHz and is intended to be used when the microphone is mounted on the performer’s head. The long grid gives a 10dB boost at 12kHz for chest placement. The grids can be detached from the microphone and cleaned of sweat, make-up etc. with alcohol. The microphones are fitted with 1.75m cable terminated in a 'MicroDot' connector.

Characteristic: Omnidirectional
Especially suitable for capturing speech
Reduced sensitivity
Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
+3 dB Presence boost from 8 - 20 KHz
SPL: thomann Max 144 dB
For wireless transmitters with B+K connector
Optional adapter for almost all transmitters available
With optional accessories is also very well suited for use with instruments
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Miniature Microphone Lo-Sens Beige