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Fujinon Cabrio XK6x20 Cine Servo Zoom 20-120mm T3.5 PL


  • Impressive range: 20-120mm
  • Industry standard PL mount
  • T3.5 constant aperture through the zoom range
  • Optional Servo-zoom unit for ENG use
  • Large 200 degree focus rotation for follow focus use
  • Cinema Industry standard 0.8 pitch gears for follow focus units
  • Perfect for Sony FS7 (with adapter), Varicam LT, RED Epic/Weapon, C300 PL, F55 with PL adapter

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Sorry, this product is now discontinued and cannot be ordered

Fujinon Cabrio XK6x20 Cine Servo Zoom 20-120mm T3.5 PL


One of the most striking features of the latest addition to the Cabrio Cine zoom range lenses is the focal length of 20 mm to 120 mm. This is a 6 times zoom range with a cosntant aperture of T3.5 throughout the zoom allowing cinematographers the piece of mind they need to rely on the images they are capturing. 


World class optics and the renowned decades long Fujinon DNA in the world of broadcast and cine lenses ensure that the images are captured are of the utmost sharpness and colour fidelity - and with a 6x cine zoom you don't even have to change your lens - saving you time on set. From wide shots at 20mm to telephoto close-up at 120mm all at T3.5, the new Cabrio XK 6x20 is a marvel of optical engineering. 


The lens is also very compact at only 24 cm in lenght and 2.4 kg's *without the servo unit in weight. This means this lens can be easily mounted on the Sony FS7 with an appropraite E mount to PL adapter or any other camera able to take a PL mount. Native PL mount camears such as the C300 PL and the RED Epic for example can greatly benefit from the compact and lightweight design of the Cabrio XK 6x20. 


A 9-blade iris ensures pleasing and organic looking bokeh when shooting at wide apertures and the 200 degree focus rotation allows cinematographers to navigate narow changes in focus with the help of follow focus units. 


Incredibly cost-effective compared to rival products 


The XK Lens is the perfect PL-mount zoom lens, but it’s been designed to be affordable. Standard PL-mount zoom lenses are generally expensive—even renting one can be beyond certain budgets. Having a low-price zoom lens that operates over a wide 20 to 120 mm range without a drop in T-numbers would be a great boon for people who shoot using still lenses. It’d be fantastic if the XK Lens was your first PL lens. After finishing three days of shooting, I came to feel that I couldn’t go back to not using it. The XK Lens represents a new standard in PL lenses—something that was simply unavailable before now. It’s going to be a breath of fresh air in the field of digital cinema.


Optical technology to achieve 4K optical performance


By bringing together the optical performance that Fujifilm takes pride in, we have developed PL-mount lenses compatible with Super 35 mm sensors. We have achieved this high level of optical performance, which surpasses 4K, by combining a special optical glass (ED glass, specifically, fluorite) and a large-diameter aspherical lens to keep various aberrations under control. While controlling distortion and image angle variations during focusing, we have significantly improved resolution up to the edges of the screen. In addition, adopting a three-group zoom mechanism makes it possible to control variations in optical performance when zooming, demonstrating high optical performance over the entire zoom range—from wide angle to telephoto. Further, we have adopted a newly developed HT-EBC coating. It achieves even higher light transmittance and lower reflectance compared to conventional EBC coatings, and improves red and blue transmittance. It enables 4K video expression with rich color fidelity.


For Fujinon cine lenses, to improve image delineation of the more natural out-of-focus areas, we ran computer simulations to optimize the number and shape of the diaphragm blades, and we developed a nine-blade aperture diaphragm. The speculars produced when shooting point sources of light are more rounded, making it possible to render a beautiful natural blur.

  • Compatible Cameras: 35mm PL-mount cameras
  • Focal length: 20-120mm
  • Zoom ratio: 6x
  • Max T-stop: T3.5
  • Parfocal: Yes
  • Minimum Object Distance (MOD) from the front of the lens: 1.1m/3' 7"
  • Object Dimensions at MOD: 20mm - 1190mm x 624mm // 120mm - 182mm/102mm
  • Focus Rotation: 200 degrees
  • Zoom ring rotation: 90 degrees
  • Dimensions (D x L): 114mm / 239mm
  • Weight: 2.9kg with Servo Unit attached / 2.4kg without