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Canon CN20x50 EF Mount


Offering outstanding 4K quality - from image centre to image edge
  • 50 - 1000mm (75 - 1500mm w/ 1.5xEXT) focal length
  • 20x Zoom ratio
  • Super35mm image size
  • Stunning 4K performance
  • Ideal for sports events and widlife applications

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Exc VAT Price £43,000.00
Inc VAT Price £51,600.00
Cat no. CANON-CN20X50 IAS H E/1

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Canon are combining decades of experience in the design of market-leading broadcast lenses with technology derived from high-performance cine zooms, with their new 4K capable CN20x 50 IAS H E1 Professional Broadcast/Cine Zoom lens.

Visual Impact were privileged to peek behind the curtain at IBC 2014 and be the first authorised reseller in Europe to place an order for three CN20x 50's on the spot, and Canon have confirmed Visual Impact will be the first authorised reseller in Europe to receive the lens. We realise the incredible potential of this lens to revolutionise high-end broadcast acquisition, as more and more productions are using Super 35mm sensor cameras to capture highly cinematic images.

The first of its kind, the new Canon CN20x 50 IAS H E1 is perfect for wildlife documentary productions, sports events, and any broadcast or film production requiring long tele-photo zoom ranges currently unavailable for high-end 4K/HD digital acquisition.

Whether you are planning on shooting a wildlife documentary/broadcast programme on an ARRI AMIRA/Alexa, a Canon C500, or a Sony F5/F55, the Canon CN20x 50 allows cinematographers to capture stunning images at previously unattainable focal lengths. The CN20x 50 is also the first professional broadcast lens optimised for Super 35mm sensors to feature a built-in 1.5x extender allowing for even greater focal distances.

This incredible lens responds to the growing popularity of large sensor video cameras in broadcast production. With an outstanding focal length of 50-1000mm, expandable to 75-1500mm via a built-in 1.5x extender, the lens is tailor-made for camera operators in both traditional broadcast and movie production environments.


  • 4K optical performance thanks to Canon lens technology; designed for Super35mm cameras
  • Ultra-telephoto 20x zoom 50-1000mm focal length, ideal for broadcast and nature applications
  • Built-in 1.5x extender for extreme telephoto shooting up to 1500mm
  • Removable servo drive unit
  • Rugged build quality for demanding environments; weatherproof and shockproof
  • Carriable and lightweight (around 6.6kg) design offering a familiar and intuitive operating experience
  • Compatible with typical broadcast and movie accessories
  • EF- (/E1 variant) and PL- (/P1 variant) mounts available for maximum camera compatibility
  • Extensive lens communication options (12-pin, EF, Cooke /i) support a range of production styles

  • The CN20x 50 IAS H E1 is a superb lens that’s designed for broadcast use with Super35mm cameras – whether HD, UHD or 4K. It has unprecedented quality, versatility and usability and features a completely removable updated servo drive unit that enables its use in broadcast-style shooting environments where typical cine lenses are usually impractical

    CN20x50 IAS H/E1

    MountEF (/E1 variant);
    Focal Length    50 - 1000mm (75-1500mm w/ 1.5xEXT)
    Zoom Ratio20×
    Image Size   Super35mm
    Max. Relative Aperture1:5.0 at 50 - 560mm
    1:8.9 at 1,000mm
    Iris Blades11
    Angular Field of View   1.78:1 - 24.6x13.8mm
    27.6°x 15.7° - 1.4°x 0.8°
    (1.5x) 18.6°x 10.5° - 0.9°x 0.5°
    1.9:1 - 26.2x13.8mm
    29.4°x 15.7° - 1.5°x 0.8°
    (1.5x)- 19.8°x 10.5° - 1.0°x 0.5°
    M.O.D.3.5m / 11.5’ (From image sensor) 1.54m / 5.1’ (From lens front with macro)
    Object dimension at M.O.D
    1.9 :1 26.2 × 13.8
    148.3 × 78.1cm at 50mm
    7.8 × 4.1cm at 1,000mm
    Front Diameter136mm
    Approx. Size(W × H × L)EF Mount 175 × 170.6 × 413.2mm
    PL Mount 175 × 170.6 × 405.2mm
    Approx. Mass6.6kg/3.0lbs
    Pitch of focusFocus : 0.5mm or 0.8mm Zoom : 0.5mm Iris : 0.5mm