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  • VINTEN VB100-FTMS System Vision 100 FT MS
  • VINTEN VB100-FTMS System Vision 100 FT MS

System Vision 100 FT MS


  • Durable system designed to perform consistently in ENG, EFP and OB environments;
  • Vision 100 pan and tilt head with Perfect Balance, high-performance TF drag and extensive operating temperature;
  • flowtech™100 2-stage heavy duty carbon fibre tripod with unique quick release brakes for instant and easy deployment,
  • Exceptional torsional stiffness and hinge lock mechanism for low and high shots;
  • Carbon fibre mid-level spreader with locking positions for different footprints;
  • Ergonomic carry handle and soft case included

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Exc VAT Price £6,061.50
Inc VAT Price £7,273.80

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Vision 100 system with flowtech™100 carbon fibre tripod, carbon fibre mid-level spreader and rubber feet

The Vision 100 system with flowtech™100 carbon fibre tripod and mid-level spreader, is a high-performance professional tripod system designed for camera setups weighing between 7-20 kg / 15.4-44.1 lb.

Combining Perfect Balance with the TF drag system, the Vision 100 allows total control and consistent performance in the toughest conditions. Illuminated drag controls and a digital counterbalance readout ensure simple and repeatable camera set-up in any lighting situation.
Performance tested in extreme conditions, the unique flowtech™100 is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow.

A unique, heavy duty carbon fibre mid-level spreader with 4 locking positions controlled by a central lock for fast repositioning is included with the flowtech™100. The system is completed with a comfortable carry handle and soft case for protection during transport.

Key Features and Benefits:

Vision 100
• Illuminated digital balance readout, drag controls and levelling bubble for quick, precise set-up
• Perfect balance for effortless production
• Thin Film drag (TF) for outstanding whip pan in any condition
• Extensive operating temperature from -40°C to +60°C
• Superior performance, year after year

• Unique quick release brakes - deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant
• New ergonomic carbon fibre leg design - easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness
• Versatile hinge lock mechanism - capture extremely low and high shots
• Extensive endurance and environmental testing - superior performance and reliability

Mid-level Spreader
• 4 locking positions offer very small footprint in narrow spaces and very stable setup on uneven terrain
• Central lock enables fast repositioning
• Fast and simple setup

Payload range: 7.0-20 kg / 15.4-44.1 lb;
System weight: 7.8 kg / 17.0 lb;
Height range in spreaderless mode: 39 - 169 cm / 15.4 - 66.5 in;
Height range with mid-level spreader flowtech 100: 68 - 170 cm / 26.8 - 66.9 in;
Tansport Length 84 cm / 33.1 in
Vision 100 (3466-3),
lowtech 100 MS tripod (V4160-0003)
Soft case (3340-3)
Carry handle (S2051-1057)