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  • OCONNOR C1030DS-30L-F OConnor 1030DS Head & 30L Tripod with Floor Spreader & Case

OConnor 1030DS Head & 30L Tripod with Floor Spreader & Case


OConnor 1030Ds Head with 100mm Ball Base
  • Max Payload: 53 lbs / 25 kgs
  • Sideload Top Platform with Camera Plate
  • Stepless Tilt Drag
  • Counterbalance Reaches Zero
  • Ball Base Optionally Interchangeable

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Sorry, this product is not currently available from Visual Impact. Call us on +44 (0)208 977 1222 for more information.

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* OConnor Camera Tripods & Fluid Heads | Visual Impact

OConnor's Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Package is an updated version of the previous Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Package, with the difference being a change in top platforms. The new package includes a sideload quick release top platform. The previous package was offered with a mini European quick release top platform.

The sideload platform affords an extended range of movement for balancing front-heavy setups. The remaining components of the package are: the 1030Ds head with a 100mm ball base, a 100mm tie down for the base, a 12" pan handle, and an 11.5" handle extension. The ball base is compatible with 100mm tripod bowls and is interchangeable for optional 1030-compatible 150mm bases and with Mitchell flat bases. The handle has a 30° bend.

The head features a +/- 60° tilt range and within this range supports payloads of 53 lbs at 4" above the platform, 41 lbs at 6", and 33 lbs at 8". Tilt drag is stepless. Counterbalance reaches all the way down to zero, useful for lighter cameras. Counterbalance adjusts by a crank-style control that pulls out of the rear of the head. Pan and tilt unlock through a single-handed squeeze. The package is compatible with many 1030 accessories.

Updated version of the previous Ultimate 1030Ds Fluid Head Package. Updated with a sideload quick release top platform

Weight Capacity5.3 Ibs at 4" above the platform within +/- 60° tilt range (24 kg at 10 cm)
41 Ibs at 6" (18.5 kg at 15 cm)
33 Ibs at 8" (15 kg at 20 cm)
Ball Base100 mm
Tilt Range+60° / -60°
Tilt DragStepless
Pan / Tilt LockSingle-handed action brake squeeze system
DimensionsHead: 6.6 x 7.6 x 4.6" (16.8 x 19.3 x 11.7 cm)
Handle: 12" long (30.5 cm)
Handle Extension: 11.5" (29.2cm)
Weight8.7 Ib (3.9 kg)
  • 1030DS Fluid Head Package (C1239-0001)
  • 30L Tripod (C1251-0001)
  • Spreader (C1258-0001)
  • Case (C1254-0001)