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  • ARRI KK.0035875 Pro Set for Sony FS7II/FX9

Pro Set for Sony FS7II/FX9


Pro Set for Sony FS7II/FX9

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Exc VAT Price £2,340.00
Inc VAT Price £2,808.00
Cat no. ARRI-KK.0035875

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Pro Set for Sony FS7II/FX9. includes:K2.0035830 1x Plate for Sony FS7II/FX9K2.0034691 1x Top Plate for Sony FS7II/FX9K2.0003899 1x Lens Adapter Support LAS-1K2.0034700 1x E- to PL- Mount Support for VocasK2.0034709 1x Side Bracket Right for Sony FS7II/FX9K2.0034727 1x Side Bracket Left for Sony FS7II/FX9K2.0034657 1x Viewfinder Bracket for Sony FS7II/FX9K2.0017270 1x Center Camera Handle CCH-4K2.0019282 1x Sliding Adapter for CCH-4K2.0006186 1x Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3K2.66255.0 1x 15mm Reduction InsertK2.65264.0 1x 15mm LWS Rod ConsoleK2.66253.0 1x Support Rods 240mm/9.4in, Ø15mm
K2.0035830 Plate for Sony FX9
K2.0034691 Top Plate for Sony FX9
K2.0003899 Lens Adapter Support LAS-1
K2.0034700 E- to PL-Mount Support for Vocas
K2.0034709 Side Bracket Right for Sony FS7II/FX9
K2.0034727 Side Bracket Left for Sony FS7II/FX9
K2.0034657 Viewfinder Bracket for Sony FS7II/ FX9
K2.0017270 Camera Centre Handle CCH-4
K2.0019282 Sliding Adapter for CCH-4
K2.0006186 Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
K2.66255.0 15mm Reduction Insert
K2.65264.0 15mm LWS Rod Console
K2.66253.0 Support Rods 240mm/9.4in, Ø15mm