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  • TIFFEN 6666SMQ4 6.6 X 6.6 SMOQUE 4

6.6 X 6.6 SMOQUE 4


6.6 X 6.6 SMOQUE 4

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Exc VAT Price £546.00
Inc VAT Price £655.20
Cat no. TIFFEN-6666SMQ4

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The Tiffen Smoque filter is a unique diffusion filter that produces a smoke-like effect without the cost and hassle of a generator or the smoke it produces. Mechanical smoke generators are often used to add atmospheric haze to a scene. This could be for enhanced realism in places where smoke is normally encountered, like a nightclub, or the scene of a fire. Most often, the smoke is added to create a certain "look."

The difficulty and cost of using this equipment and the fact that it is less desirable to work in a smoke-filled environment make the Tiffen Smoque filters really valuable as a way to get a similar look without the need for the generator or the smoke it produces.

The Tiffen Smoque filters can be used to create the look alone, or in addition to a more modest application of real smoke. They allow greater base level consistency especially outdoors in a wind, and you don’t have to wait for it to settle or to be replenished, as with real smoke. 

Now you can make the shot while you make your talent and crew more comfortable.

The effect of the lighter grades is subtle, with the higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable, all capable of providing a beautiful image.
Available in grades 1-4 in popular motion picture sizes and 49mm-82mm in screw-in sizes.