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  • SONY SMAD-P3D Sony SMAD-P3D Dual Channel MI Shoe Adapter
  • SONY SMAD-P3D Sony SMAD-P3D Dual Channel MI Shoe Adapter
  • SONY SMAD-P3D Sony SMAD-P3D Dual Channel MI Shoe Adapter

Sony SMAD-P3D Dual Channel MI Shoe Adapter


Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) adaptor for cable-free connection
  • No need for separate XLR cable
  • Can be attached to camcorders or interchangeable-lens cameras
  • Power can be supplier by camera
  • For use with Sony URX-P03D Dual Channel Receiver

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Exc VAT Price £51.72
Inc VAT Price £62.06

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Say goodbye to cables and embrace a wire-free world with this useful Sony shoe adaptor for use with the Sony URX-P03D 2-channel radio microphone receiver.

The Sony SMAD-P3D Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) Adaptor makes wireless mic mixing and recording even easier. Fitting onto your camera’s shoe adaptor and holding the URX-P03D receiver in place, this handy device eliminates the need for battery packs, separate power cables, or even XLR audio patch-through cables.

Instead the SMAD-P3D lets you run your URX-P03D receiver directly from the camera’s own power source while simultaneously routing the receiver’s audio output to the camera’s recorder.

Solid, practical, effective. Deceptively small and simple, this device securely encases the URX-P03D receiver, using a single connector to deliver power to the receiver while passing the audio out through to the camera via the shoe interface.

Always struggling to find a secure, safe position for your URX-P03D receiver? This shoe adaptor will be your new favourite accessory.

If you operate a Sony setup including a Sony camera and Sony URX-P03D wireless receiver, the SMAD-P3D adaptor should at the top of your shopping list.

Performing a range of functions, from power delivery and audio output to keeping your receiver accessible yet safely out of the way, this great-value device is especially well suited to ENG, magazine shows and documentary makers.

The SMAD-P3D is compatible with the following Sony cameras:
  • PXW-X70
  • PXW-X160
  • PXW-X180
  • PXW-X280
  • PXW-X200*
  • PXW-Z150**
  • PXW-FS7
  • PXW-FS5
  • PXW-FS5K
  • HXR-NX100
  • HXR-MC2500
  • FDR-AX100**
  • NEX-VG900**
  • NEX-VG30**
  • a7**
  • a7R**
  • a7S**
  • a7 MarkII**
  • a7R MarkII**
  • a7S MarkII**
  • a99**
  • a6000**
  • a6300**
  • DSC-RX10**
  • DSC-RX10 MarkII**
  • DSC-RX10 MarkIII**

  • (as of July 2016)

    Delivering power to the receiver and audio into the camera, the SMAD-P3D also provides on/off power control from the camera.

    The SMAD-P3D’s natural counterpart is the URX-P03D wireless receiver, a 2-channel UWP-D device with built-in mixer and audio out. Not only can it connect 2 wireless mics, it also has a third input for a wired mic, offering versatility for two or even three-person interviews.

    *Requires PXW-X200 firmware version 2.00 or later.

    **Power supply function and the power ON/OFF control function is not guaranteed. Insert new AA alkaline batteries in the URX-P03D receiver and set the receiver’s power (PWR SOURCE) menu item to BATT ONLY mode.