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  • OCONNOR C1030D-30L-M 1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Mid Level Spreader & Case
  • OCONNOR C1030D-30L-M 1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Mid Level Spreader & Case
  • OCONNOR C1030D-30L-M 1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Mid Level Spreader & Case

1030D Head & 30L Tripod with Mid Level Spreader & Case


The Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head & 30L Tripod System from OConnor
  • Payload & Counterbalance
  • Pan and Tilt Controls
  • Ball Leveling
  • Front Box & Accessory Mounting
  • Springloaded sideload camera platform

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Exc VAT Price £6,168.00
Inc VAT Price £7,401.60
Cat no. OCONNOR-C1030D-30L-M

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The 1030D features interchangeable camera platforms, and comes with a sidelock platform and sliding baseplate as standard. The sidelock platform allows you to mount and remove the camera by lifting straight off the head and not having to slide it in from the back. The fluid head is able to tilt 90 degrees forward and back, allowing you to tilt the camera straight down and then straight up, all in the same shot.

The camera also features independent drag controls and locks for both the pan and tilt. The included 100mm ball base is removable and can be replaced with other available bases. The head features an integrated bubble level for quick leveling confirmation, and the level is illuminated for times you are working in dim light conditions. The included pan handle can be attached to either side of the the fluid head utilizing the mounting rosette on either side of the head. The 1030D also features standard front box mounting points compatible with available front box brackets, and provisions for attaching an eyepiece leveler or other attachments to the head.

Payload & Counterbalance
The 1030D supports cameras and accessories up to 30 pounds at a C.O.G. of 6 inches. This is what the counterbalance can cancel out and keep the head neutral in any position in the tilt range. Lighter camera systems can be mounted with a taller C.O.G., while heavier camera systems are required to be mounted closer to the fluid head's camera platform so that the counterbalance can do its job. OConnor specs out 24 pounds at a C.O.G. above platform of 8 inches and 39 pounds at 4 inches. These are the maximum weights, and the stepless counterbalance can be set all the way down to zero to accommodate lightweight cameras.

Camera Platform
The included springloaded sideload camera platform allows you to more easily insert and remove the camera when mounted on a the sliding baseplate, similar to what is available with touch and go plates. However with the sideload platform you get the advantages of a touch and go quick release system, while still being able to use the base plate to balance the camera. Additional the sideload camera platform includes its own forward and back sliding adjustment. This provides you with additional balancing adjustment than just using the sliding baseplate alone.

Tilt Range
The 1030D provides 90 degrees of forward and back tilt, while supporting camera packages weighing up to 30 pounds (6" C.O.G.) This very wide tilt range is accomplished while supporting camera packages that vary from very lightweight up to 30 pounds.

Pan and Tilt Controls
The head features independent controls on the pan and tilt for lock and drag. The pan and tilt locks are easy to operate, requiring only the squeeze of a single hand.

Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head
Load Capacity39 lb (17.7 kg) at C.O.G. 4" (10.2 cm) above camera platform
30 lb (13.6 kg) at C.O.G. 6" (15.2 cm) above camera platform
24 lb (10.9 kg) at C.O.G. 8" (20.3 cm) above camera platform
Counter Balance SystemContinuous
Counter Balance Range0 lb to Max Payload at C.O.G.
Balance PlateSliding Balance Plate
Tilt Range+90 to -90°
Tilt DragContinuously adjustable from 1 to 5
Tilt LockYes
Pan Range360°
Pan DragContinuously adjustable from 1 to 5
Pan LockYes
Leveling Bubble / IlluminatedYes / Yes
Mounting Base100 mm ball base (interchangeable)
Tie DownTripod Tie Down Screw: 10 x 1.5mm
Height6.6" (16.8 cm) including camera platform
Weight8.7 lb (3.9 kg)

30L Two Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
Leg Stages / Sections2 Stage
Height RangeMaximum: 61.8" (157 cm)
Minimum: 22.0" (56 cm)
Load Capacity209 lb (95 kg)
Head Attachment Fitting100 mm Ball Base
MaterialLegs: Carbon Fiber
Head Attachment Fitting: Aluminum
Leg Lock TypeLever clamp
SpreaderMid level, removable
Note: Spreader not included
Independent Leg SpreadYes (when spreader is removed)
Spiked / Retractable FeetDual spikes
Collapsed Height29.5" (75 cm)
WeightTripod only: 8.8 lb (4 kg)

C1254-0001 Soft Carrying Case for 1030 Systems with 30L Tripod (Black)
AccommodatesFor 1030 systems with 30L tripods
Type of ClosureZipper
Carrying / Transport OptionsTop straps
Dimensions9.3 x 7. 9 x 42.0" / 23.5 x 20.0 x 106.0 cm
  • Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head
  • Sideload Quick Release Top Platform with Camera Plate
  • 1030-246 12" Pan Handle with 30 degree bend
  • 2575-135 11.5" Pan Handle Extension
  • 08395 100mm-Tie Down
  • 08365 100mm Ball Base Adapter
  • CR 2032 Battery (Installed at the Factory)
  • 30L Carbon Fiber Tripod System
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Rubber Feet for Select OConnor & Sacthler Tripods (Set of 3)
  • C1254-0001 SOFT Carrying Case for 1030 Systems with 30L Tripod (Black)