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Canon CN20x50 PL Mount


The high-end professional ultra-telephoto lens
  • 4K optical performance
  • Built-in 1.5x extender for extreme telephone shooting
  • 20x Zoom 50-100mm focal length
  • Removeable servo drive unit
  • Weatherproof and shockproof

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Inc VAT Price £51,600.00
Cat no. CN20X50 IAS H P1

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Canon’s Cine range of lenses are known for their quality optics, low-distortion imagery and cinematic resolving power from the centre of the frame right to the very edges. The Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 is no different.

This top-spec P1 mount ultra-telephoto lens is an essential item for sports and wildlife shooting. Its stunning 4K performance, 20x zoom and 1.5x built-in extender help deliver incredible cinematography. Key to its power is the 50-1000 mm focal length, rising to 75-1500 mm with the extender.

The Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 feels every inch the high-end professional ultra-telephoto lens. Although weighing only 6.6 kg, the lens carries all the heavyweight hallmarks you’d expect from a Canon lens: superb build quality, precision optics, and a robust casing that’s both weatherproof and shockproof – there’s no question it’s designed to withstand tough environments.

The zoom and focus servo controls are intuitively positioned, delivering a super-fluid action for precise control and focus pulling.

Ideal for high-grade 4K broadcast or cinema shooting, the Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 – with its ultra-telephoto zoom and 50-1500 mm focal length – is well suited to wildlife and nature programming or sports events.

Its supreme optics are designed bring the most delicate details and life-like colours to the sensors of any HD or 4K cinema camera with a PL mount. An EF mount version is also available.

The stars of the show are its 20x zoom and 50-1500 mm focal length combined with incredible 4K optics, but this lens also delivers when you take a closer look at its detailed features.

Across the focal length the 11-blade iris leaves a wide aperture to capture your film footage, from T5.0 at 50-560 mm up to T13.35 at 1500 mm. Ideal for creating beautifully round and butter-smooth bokeh effects.

The Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 also comes equipped with a responsive servo drive unit. Its switches are easy to reach and smooth to use, while the unit itself is fully detachable, making it simple to use as a traditional cine lens – and just as easily re-installed without needing to adjust gear positions. It’s a fluid and powerful solution for a multitude of shooting styles.

Any professional production workflow needs complete and consistent metadata, so the Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 is kitted out with a number of lens communication inputs, including 12-pin serial port and Cooke /i technology (the EF mount version of this lens also includes full EF metadata capture).

Owning the best lens means you’ll also want to the best kit to help you get the most from it.

The Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1 is compatible with standard accessories and matte boxes, plus 0.8 and 0.5 gear accessories such as the Arri Follow Focus FF-4 Set 19 mm.

To keep glare to a minimum and to give you a range of filter options, take a look at the high-end LMB-6 Pro Set matte box, which ships with a set of adaptors to fit the Canon CN20x50 IAS H P1’s 136 mm diameter.

  • 4K optical performance designed for Super 35 cameras thanks to Canon’s renowned lens technology
  • Ideal for broadcast and nature applications, with its ultra-telephoto 20x zoom 50-1000 mm focal length
  • Go all the way to 1500 mm with the built-in 1.5x extender for extreme telephoto shooting
  • Built to suit your shooting style – fully removable servo drive unit
  • Rugged weatherproof and shockproof build quality means you can shoot in the harshest locations
  • Portable and lightweight, weighing in at around 6.6 kg
  • EF-mount (‘E1’ model) version also available
  • Match your production workflow with extensive lens metadata connection options (12-pin, Cooke /i)
  • CN20x50 IAS H/P1

    MountPL (/P1 variant);
    Focal Length    50 - 1000mm (75-1500mm w/ 1.5xEXT)
    Zoom Ratio20×
    Image Size   Super35mm
    Max. Relative Aperture1:5.0 at 50 - 560mm
    1:8.9 at 1,000mm
    Iris Blades11
    Angular Field of View   1.78:1 - 24.6x13.8mm
    27.6°x 15.7° - 1.4°x 0.8°
    (1.5x) 18.6°x 10.5° - 0.9°x 0.5°
    1.9:1 - 26.2x13.8mm
    29.4°x 15.7° - 1.5°x 0.8°
    (1.5x)- 19.8°x 10.5° - 1.0°x 0.5°
    M.O.D.3.5m / 11.5’ (From image sensor) 1.54m / 5.1’ (From lens front with macro)
    Object dimension at M.O.D
    1.9 :1 26.2 × 13.8
    148.3 × 78.1cm at 50mm
    7.8 × 4.1cm at 1,000mm
    Front Diameter136mm
    Approx. Size(W × H × L)EF Mount 175 × 170.6 × 413.2mm
    PL Mount 175 × 170.6 × 405.2mm
    Approx. Mass6.6kg/3.0lbs
    Pitch of focusFocus : 0.5mm or 0.8mm Zoom : 0.5mm Iris : 0.5mm

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