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  • SONY HXR-NX3/VG1 HXR-NX3 AVCHD Camcorder
  • SONY HXR-NX3/VG1 HXR-NX3 AVCHD Camcorder

HXR-NX3 AVCHD Camcorder


Three 1/2.8-inch Exmor CMOS sensors full HD AVCHD camcorder with 35mm full-frame format
  • 40x Clear image zoom (20x optical zoom and 2x clear image zoom)
  • Slow & Quick motion
  • AVCHD 2.0 (1080 /50p) and DV recordings
  • Dual media slots, Simul or Relay recording
  • High quality ECM-VG1 shot-gun microphone bundled

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A multi-purpose professional camcorder offering exceptional image quality and three Full HD sensors ready to maximise your creative potential
The HXR-NX3 is a professional camcorder that features three 1/2.8-inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors for outstanding image quality. Dual media slots allow simultaneous or relay recording in AVCHD 2.0 (1080/50p) format. There is also a Slow & Quick Motion feature that achieves smooth 2x slow motion when recording at 25p or 50x quick motion when 1 frame per second is recorded in 50p. In addition to the 20x optical zoom, Clear Image Zoom with Super Resolution Technology provides an extended 40x zoom range with excellent clarity and detail and no effective pixel loss. A built-in LED light, WiFi/NFC remote control capability, and a larger 3.5 inch LCD panel for enhanced viewing add to the versatility of this multi-purpose camcorder, putting the finishing touches on an advanced system that offers unprecedented video recording freedom.

Original Full HD Sony sensor for impressive imagery

The 1920x1080 full HD 3x Exmor CMOS sensors system provides a 2.07 million effective pixel count in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Red, blue, and green light are independently and accurately captured by separate image sensors, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity, and wide dynamic range that translate to extraordinarily natural colour reproduction.

High performance Sony G lens with 40x zoom range.

Provides 28.8mm (35mm full-frame format equivalent) angle of view at the wide end. 20x optical zoom plus Clear Image Zoom provides total 40x zoom range, rivalling that of optical zoom. Clear Image Zoom offers effectively no quality loss and no pixel loss, with 2M full resolution kept using Super Resolution Technology.

AVCHD 2.0 (1080/50p) and DV recordings

HD video is recorded in AVCHD 2.0 format with a high 50 fps frame rate that achieves smooth, natural subject motion. 50i and 25p modes provide playback compatibility with Blu-ray players. The camcorder can also record in DV standard definition.

Slow and quick motion options at Full HD

2x slow motion can be easily achieved by setting the recording format to 25p and the frame rate to 50 fps. If you’d rather speed up the action the frame rate can be set to 1 fps for 50x quick motion.

Excellent low light recording

Minimum illumination of 1.2lux (1/30) or 1.0 lux (1/25).


Original Sony lens, sensor, and LSI technology for impressive imagery

The HXR-NX3 imaging advantage begins with a superb Sony G Lens that offers stunning image quality as well as a wide zoom range. Behind that lens is a 1920x1080 full HD 3x Exmor CMOS sensors system with three 1/2.8-inch sensors providing a 2.07 million effective pixel count at the 16:9 aspect ratio. Red, blue, and green light are independently captured by separate image sensors, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity, and wide dynamic range. An advanced LSI (that includes advanced noise reduction, improved detail reproduction, and several distortion correction technologies) handles image processing and delivers notable improvements in overall image quality. Recorded images are remarkably lifelike in texture and detail.

40x Clear Image Zoom (20x optical zoom and 2x Clear Image Zoom)

The high-performance Sony G Lens provided with the HXR-NX3 offers an expansive 28.8 mm (35mm fullframe format equivalent) angle of view at the wide end, with a 20x optical zoom range that will easily cover most shooting situations. When more reach is required, Clear Image Zoom employs Super Resolution Technology to provide image quality rivalling that of the lens’s optical zoom over a 40x range.AVCHD 2.0 (1080/50p) and DV recordings

HD video is recorded in AVCHD 2.0 format with a high 50 fps frame rate option. 50i and 25p modes provide playback compatibility with Blu-ray players. The ability to record in DV format is also provided for users who prefer a DV workflow and who need to work in a DV compatible non-linear editing environment.

Slow & Quick Motion

Smooth slow or quick motion with full HD quality is available without any extra processing. 2x slow motion can be easily achieved by setting the recording format to 25p and the frame rate to 50 fps. The frame rate can also be set to 1 fps for 50x quick motion

Dual media slots, Simul or Relay recording, and independent record control

Two media slots can record in either Simul or Relay mode. Simul mode permits simultaneous recording to two memory cards, while Relay mode automatically switches recording from the first to the second memory card when the first is full. The user can set up the two Start/Stop buttons on the HXR-NX3, one on the grip and one on the camcorder body, to independently start and stop recording on different memory cards while recording in Simul mode.

Built-in LED video light*

A built-in LED video light is included just above the camcorder’s built-in microphone, providing convenient illumination for a wide range of shooting situations and minimising the need to carry external lighting equipment. Illumination is approximately 200 lux/1m (approx. 800 lux/0.5m) with a beam angle of 30° and a colour temperature of approximately 5500K.

*An external microphone connected via the XLR connector may cast a shadow if used simultaneously with the built-in LED video light.

WiFi/NFC (Near Field Communication) with PlayMemories™ Mobile remote control*

The HXR-NX3 can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet computer (iOS 4.3 through 7.0 or Android 2.3 through 4.3) via a WiFi connection, and recorded video files can be transferred from camcorder to smartphone in MP4 format.** One-touch authentication is also possible with smartphones that offer NFC connectivity. Remote control features include monitoring of camera material on the smartphone display, record start/stop, zoom, aperture, and touch AF. The required PlayMemories Mobile smartphone application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store.

* WiFi operation cannot be guaranteed with all smartphones and tablet computers. ** The HXR-NX3 allows simultaneous MP4 + AVCHD recording except for the 1080/50P.

Timecode and HDMI embedded timecode output

Timecode and user bit settings are important features for professional applications. Timecode is essential for efficient non-linear editing of live footage from multiple NXCAM camcorders. Like other Sony NXCAM camcorders, HXR-NX3 timecode can be reset from the supplied infrared remote control unit, and this allows multiple cameras to be reset simultaneously for easy synchronisation. For extra sync versatility, timecode and user bits can also be output via the camcorder’s HDMI jack.

Intelligent Auto

The Intelligent Auto* feature makes it easy to capture beautiful images in a wide variety of shooting situations. This handy feature automatically selects the optimum scene setting from three groups of ten scenes. For example, Intelligent Auto might detect that the user is walking while shooting and automatically select the “Walk” setting from the “Camera Shake” group to ensure that optimum image quality is achieved.

* Image stabilisation is automatically set to ACTIVE mode when using the iAuto feature.

Scene Selection

Scene Selection provides professional users with seven presets optimised for situations likely to be encountered on assignments. For example, the Sunrise & Sunset preset instantly optimises the camcorder settings for beautiful reproduction of sunsets or sunrises. The Spotlight preset is ideal for shooting events or similar situations that involve spotlights and stage lighting.

Scene Selection is just one more way that the HXR-NX3 can make your job easier.


Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 174.5 x 193 x 393 mm, 6_7/8 x 7_5/8 x 15_1/2 inches (with lens hood, eye piece. and protrusion)
Power Requirements7.2V (battery pack); 8.4V (AC Adaptor)
Power ConsumptionApprox. 6.4 W (with XLR mic while recording, EVF On, Video light Off)
Approx. 6.9 W (with XLR mic while recording, LCD monitor On, Video light Off)
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C ( 32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to +60°C ( -4°F to +140°F)
Battery Operating Time
(Continuous Recording Time)
Approx. 410 min with NP-F770 battery (video light Off)
Approx. 265 min with NP-F770 battery (video light On)
Recording Format (Video)HD
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD 2.0 format compatible
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 with MP4 wrapping
Recording Format (Audio)HD
Linear PCM 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz / Dolby Digital 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
Linear PCM 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
AAC 2ch, 16bit, 48kHz
Recording Frame RateHD
PS(28Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50P, 16:9
FX(24Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i, 25p, 16:9, 1280 x 720/50p, 16:9
FH(17Mbps) 1920 x 1080/50i, 25p, 16:9, 1280 x 720/50p, 16:9
HQ(9Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50p, 16:9 1280 x 720/50p, 16:9
LP(5Mbps) 1440 x 1080/50i, 16:9
DV(25Mbps) 720 x 576/50i, 16:9, 4:3
MP4(3.5Mbps) 1280 x 720/25p, 16:9
Recording/Playback TimeApprox.290min(SD 64GB, PS, LPCM)
Approx.340min(SD 64GB, FX, LPCM)
Approx.450min(SD 64GB, FH, LPCM)

Lens MountFixed
Zoom Ratio20x (optical), servo/manual
Focal Lengthf=4.1 - 82.0mm
equivalent to f=28.8 -576mm on 35mm lens (16:9)
equivalent to f=35.2 - 705mm on 35mm lens (4:3)
IrisF1.6 - F11 auto/manual selectable
FocusAF/MF selectable, 10 mm to 8 (Wide), 800 mm to 8 (Tele)
Image StabilizerON/OFF selectable, shift lens
Filter DiameterM72 mm

Camera Section
50i: 1.0lux(1/25 Shutter Speed, iris/gain Auto)
50i: 0.5lux(1/25 Shutter Speed, iris Auto, gain 30dB)
Imaging Device (Type)3-chips 1/2.8 type "Exmor" CMOS Sensor
Imaging Device (Pixel Count)2.41M (taotal), 2.07M (effective)
Built-in Optical FiltersOFF: Clear, 1: 1/4ND, 2: 11/16ND, 3: 1/64ND
Minimum Illuminations
Shutter Speed1/3 sec to 1/10,000 sec
Slow & Quick Motion Function1080p: Frame rate selectable 1,2,3,6,12,25,50 fps
White BalancePreset(Outdoor:5600K), A, B
Gain-6, -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 dB, AGC
Gamma CurveSelectable

Audio InputXLR-type 3-pin (feamle) (x2), line/mic/mic +48 V selectable
Composite OutputBNC (x1), PAL
RCA pin
USBmini-AB USB2.0 Hi-speed/mass-storage/Host
Heaphone OutputStereo mini jack f 3.5mm (x1)
Speaker OutputMonaural
DC InputDC jack
RemoteStereo mini mini jack f 2.5mm (x1)
HDMI OutputType A (x1)

Viewfinder0.45 type colour LCD: 852 x 3[RGB] x 480 equivalent, 16:9
Built-in LCD Monitor3.5-inch type colour LCD monitor: approx. 921000 effective pixels, 640 (H) x 3 (RGB) x 480 (V), 16:9

Built-in Microphone
Built-in MicrophoneOmni-directional stereo electret condenser microphone

TypeMemory Stick Duo™ and SD/SDHC/SDXC compatible x1 SD/SDHC/SDXC x1

Built-in LED light
Luminous intensity1.0m / Approx.200 lx, 0.5m / Approx. 800lx
Lighting AngleApprox. 30°
Colour TemperatureApprox. 5,500K

Supported formatIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency band2.4 GHz bandwidth
NFCNFC Forum Type 3 Tagcompliant
  • 1 x Lens hood, pre-installed to the Camcorder
  • 1 x EVF eyecup
  • 1 x ECM-VG1 shot-gun microphone
  • 1 x Infrared Remote Commander
  • 1 x Lithium battery (CR2025 for the IR Remote Commander)
  • 1 x Operating instructions in PDF
  • 1 x Operating instructions
  • 1 x AC-L100C AC adaptor
  • 1 x AC Cable
  • 1 x Warranty
  • 1 x ECM-VG1 shot-gun microphone
  • CD-ROM
  • Reviews