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Storage Case for GoPro Cameras + Accessories


Storage Case for GoPro Cameras and accessories

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Exc VAT Price £60.83
Inc VAT Price £73.00
Cat no. AC-GP 1-2

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The Action Cases AC-GP 2-3 Storage Case for GoPro Cameras and accessories has three cavities for the cameras. The case also has two layers of customised cavities made of rigid foam, so it will last longer and maintain its shape. The top layer will hold 3 GoPro HD2 cameras, cords, battery packs and other camera accessories and the bottom layer of foam has a large cavity for suction cups, headgear and general storage. It fits both HERO2 and HERO3 camera. The Case can hold both Hero 2 and 3, each case comes with inserts for the Heros 3.

We use coloured foam inlays to provide an effective means of equipment control and handling. Contrasting foam colours allow simple at-a-glance checking thus reducing the likelihood of forgetting to put a piece of kit back into the case when you’re done for the day.

Exterior Dimensions: (L x W x H): 323mm x 298mm x 168mm / 12.75" x 11.75" x 6.63"
Weight: 2.2Kg / 4.9 lbs


Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
ABS solid wall design - strong, light weight
O-ring seal
Manual Pressure Equalization Valve
Stainless steel hardware
Customized foam cavities for organization of accessories
Protects camera from dust, dirt, heat, sand, water and snow
Contrasting foam colours allow simple at-a-glance checking

2 to 3 GoPro Cameras
3 Memory Cards
3 Spare Batteries
4 Skeleton Doors
4 Bacpacs
2 Large Cavities for Accessories (Headgear, Suction Cups, Chesty, etc
Material Spec

The interior

The interior of this GoPro case is made from the highest premium foam on the market. This ain’t no pick and pluck! Our polyethylene material offers increased rigidity, temperature resistance and improved moulding ability. It is lightweight, tough, flexible, moisture resistant, chemically inert and resistant to oils, solvents, dilute acids, UV light. It also maintains its shape throughout repeated, heavy duty use.