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kisslite® is the perfect tool for Steadicam®, providing a lightweight beauty light source or fill. It is also ideal for handheld, dolly and crane shots, where a lightweight fill is required without compromising the quality of the dominant light source.

The unit clamps onto the barrel of most popular fixed barrel lenses and also features an adaptor clamp for standard Arri 19mm and 15mm bars, lightweight 15mm bars and Panavision® PV bars. Step down rings are available for most lenses from 130mm down to 77mm.

kisslite® is powered by a small, lightweight, dedicated power supply unit that accepts power from any 12 Volt-24 Volt film or video battery.

The control box provides flicker free power and allows individual switching of four-quarter-sub sets, top, bottom, left and right and dimming from 100% to 5% without altering colour temperature.

The power supply features instant start, at preset dim level, at full colour temperature.

The standard integral filter tray housing accepts filter trays for both 4" and 4" x 5.65" filters with one rotating and one fixed stage. Top and bottom geared flags are also available. The unique kisslite® wireless remote unit features dimming and sector controls up to 200m.

kisslite ® ring light system is versatile, modular and versatile system for professionals. Put simply, no other ring light is as well suited to the role. kisslite is a class act.

Designed by a working Director of Photography, kisslite will fit almost any professional camera and lens combination.

Dependable high colour quality light
High output, using less than 40W
Robust quality design
No bulbs or tubes to replace for 25,000 hours (2+ years 24/7 running)
Dimmable onboard or via wired dimmer, wireless dimmer or DMX
Switchable sectors to give the user ultimate control
French flag option
2 stage matte box as standard and other options
Simple robust mounting system for lens options and diffusion
Wide range of step down rings for most lenses
Wide range of accessories and mounting options
A CV to die for