Cue Card Holder With Light and Wide


Cue Card Holder With Light and Wide Plate

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Sorry, this product is not currently available from Visual Impact. Call us on +44 (0)208 977 1222 for more information.

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The N63CCL version includes a light, having a thumbscrew type clip-on base, allowing it to be fixed in any position.
The light may be fitted on either side, high or low .The light base fits to the sides, leaving the surface of the cue card plate unobstructed, and allowing cue cards of virtually any size to be accommodated .The light comes with a choice of lamps, 12 volt 2 watt tungsten (to limit current to under 200ma for Sony) or 5 watt halogen. (A suitable replacement 2 watt lamp is Farnell part number 328406) .The light base incorporates a dimmer .Comes fitted with coily cable and HiRose HR10A-7P-4P plug (fits Sony and Ikegami cameras)