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BLACKMAGIC Videohub Master Con


BLACKMAGIC Videohub Master Con

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Sorry, this product is not currently available from Visual Impact. Call us on +44 (0)208 977 1222 for more information.

BLACKMAGIC Videohub Master Control

The Blackmagic Design Videohub Master Control is the ultimate control system for Blackmagic's Videohub family, letting you control all Videohubs, from the one with least amount of inputs to the one with the most, and it'll let you cycle through the inputs, select any one, and route it to any destination.

One of the system's great features is that you can lock routes to prevent from accidentally changing routes when you're live. And you unlock any destinations locked by others through their computer, iPad, or Video Smart Control. Another great feature is that the routes can be labelled and easily searched for. For example, VTRs can be labelled "VTRs" and searched for as "VTRs."

Features Include

¿ Control your router from anywhere in your building
¿ Use ethernet for control panel connections
¿ Select from a wide range of hardware rack mount panels
¿ Control your router from your Mac, PC or even iPad
¿ Customized control solutions via the developer SDK
¿ Spin knob to access any source or destination
¿ Easy to use
¿ Videohub software included