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  • LITE PANELS 905-5001 Litepanels Luma On-Camera LED Light

Litepanels Luma On-Camera LED Light


Litepanels Luma On-Camera LED Light - high output LED light, perfect for camcorders and small cameras

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Sorry, this product is now discontinued and cannot be ordered

Litepanels Luma Kit - Kit includes: (1) Luma Fixture, (1) 3 Piece Gel Set for Luma (1/4 Correction, Full Correction & Half White Diffusion) , (1) Deluxe Ball Head Shoe Mount, (1) Carrying Bag

The Litepanels Luma On-Camera LED Light is a high illumination light that when equipped with an included half-white diffuser produces a soft daylight color despite the high illumination. At the same time, the illumination serves to effectively erase deep shadows outdoors and to as well fill in shadows indoors. Luma delivers in a 50° beam spread, flicker-free at any frame rate and at any shutter angle. A brightness dimmer is 100-0% adjustable and effects no color shifts during dimming.

You can power Luma by six AA batteries, by AC power supply, or by DC power from a camera (via a D-tap cable), with all three optional; and with Luma being an LED light, its power consumption is very low.

Included are a ball head for mounting, three CTO gels, and a custom carrying bag. The ball head features a cold shoe on one end and a 1/4"-20 screw on the other -- the cold shoe for mounting camcorders, DSLRs or stands, and the 1/4"-20 screw for screwing into the 1/4"-20 screw-hole on the underside of the Luma. The 3-piece gel set consists of a 1/4 CTO, a full CTO and a 1/2 white diffuser.

High illumination / Soft Daylight Color
Features a high illumination comparable to 50W-HMI
Produces a soft daylight color with a 1/2-white diffuser on
Erases deep shadows outdoors and fills in shadows indoors
100% adjustable dimmer effects no color shifts during dimming
Delivers a 50° beam, flicker-free at all frame rates and shutter angles