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The HMC Book by Barry Green

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The HMC Book by Barry Green

The HMC Book is a comprehensive, detailed, and ultimate reference guide for Panasonic's HMC40 and HMC150 camcorders. This book and CD package presents a comprehensive examination of the cameras and all their features, settings, and modes, the tapeless workflow, working with AVCHD footage, and tutorials on some of the most common situations users find themselves facing. The book de-mystifies what all the features of the cameras actually do, as well as explaining when and why you'd want to use each setting for the best results. An extensive section of tutorials and essays teach a range of subjects from the simple to the advanced, including explanations on how to get the shallow depth-of-field look, how to control strobing and shoot 24P (or 25P) for the best results, and how to use the waveform monitor and vectorscope. The book is jam-packed with photos and screenshots throughout its 256 full-color, high-quality glossy pages