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  • ARRI K0.71000.D Alexa 4K Camera
  • ARRI K0.71000.D Alexa 4K Camera

K0.71000.D (Used)


K0.71000.D (Used) ALEXA Classic EV Basic Camera Set

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K0.71000.D (Used)

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In a nutshell
The ‘Hollywood camera of choice’ since 2010, the ALEXA features unmatched colour reproduction and has 14+ stops dynamic range. This beautifully-designed 35mm format film-style digital camera has an electronic viewfinder with a 16:9 active sensor area and is a pleasure to use.

It’s able to produce the organic, film-like images reminiscent of celluloid. The ARRI ALEXA offers all this, plus flexibility and a robustness when using the latest technologies in digital post-production and VFX.

In the hands
ARRI’s ALEXA delivers a high standard of product quality and reliability in a well-balanced ergonomic body design, remarkably small and light. The ALEXA combines convenience and intuitive user-friendly controls with the successful interface familiar to all other ARRI models. It has a high quality electronic viewfinder, powerful assistive displays and phenomenal image quality supported by the global ARRI service network.

Trustworthy and dependable in even the most extreme environments, the ARRI ALEXA is fortified with sealed electronic compartments, as well as a unique and effective cooling system, self-healing metadata and a sturdy lens mount/sensor holder.

Ideal for
The ALEXA is a celebrated film and television industry standard. It is endorsed by countless leading cinematographers such as Roger Deakins, Emmanuel Lubezki, Dante Spinotti, Phedon Papamichael, Benoit Delhomme and many others, who have entrusted their vision to the leading digital cinema camera - the ALEXA.

Features you need to know about
The ARRI ALEXA was the first of its kind on the scene. It still remains one of the most sought-after models. This outstanding camera is fantastic value and features ARRIRAW T-link, has a 16:9 sensor, a SxS module for ProRes or DNxHD recording to SxS PRO+ cards, and even offers dual recording.

Enjoy breathtaking image quality with the ALEXA’s outstanding dynamic range; extended clean highlights and an extremely low noise floor. It retains detail superbly, even when under- and over-exposed, and offers high sensitivity, adjustable from EI 160 to EI 3200 and a true base sensitivity of EI 800.

Natural colour reproduction on the ARRI ALEXA is exceptional, especially for skin tones in HD, 2K, 4K, UHD or 4K Cine. It has superb colour separation and is excellent at resolving mixed colour temperature sources.

For efficient and versatile workflows, there is the choice of multiple in-camera recording options such as ARRIRAW (1, 2), ProRes or DNxHD, Log C or Rec 709 gamma. Better still, you’ll find ARRI Look Files for custom looks and embedded rich metadata in all file formats.

Available recording in-camera modes include:

• Apple ProRes 4444
• Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
• Apple ProRes 422
• Apple ProRes 422 (LT) and ProRes 422 (Proxy)

ARRI ALEXA Highlights

• 16:9 sensor
• ProRes or DNxHD recording to SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards
• Dual recording
• Film-like organic look
• High dynamic range 14+ stop exposure latitude
• High sensitivity
• ARRI colour science
• Extremely low noise floor
• Future proof for high dynamic range (HDR) displays
• Rugged and reliable
• High quality electronic viewfinder
• Compatible with industry standards
• Well-balanced ergonomic design
• Sealed electronic compartment
• Unique cooling system
• Global ARRI service network
• Powerful assisted displays
• Numerous upgrading options
• Long and reliable product styles
• Outputs HD-SDI or ARRIRAW T-link on BNC connectors
• Frame rate: 0.75 to 60 fps (0.75 - 120 fps up to ProRes 422 HQ with High Speed licence key).
• Exposure through electronic rolling shutter: 5.0° - 358.0°.


• K1.71000.0 - ALEXA camera body, tool set and manual
• K2.72046.0 - Storage Interface Module SIM-1 (SxS)
• K2.72034.0 - ProRes Codec Option
• K2.72035.0 - QuickTime File Format Option
• K2.72018.0 - SD Card
• K2.72008.0 - Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
• K2.72042.0 - Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-2
• K2.72012.0 - Viewfinder Cable Short (0.35m/1.2ft) KC 150-S
• K2.72007.0 - Centre Camera Handle (CCH-1)
• K2.72002.0 - Wedge Adapter (WA-1)

The following applies to a new product and may differ to the used item you are viewing, especially regarding included accessories (see the details tab for used details which may differ). Please contact us at for more information.