OZE3210 (Used)


OZE3210 (Used) 2.4GHz 500mW transmitter

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OZE3210 (Used)

Teletest OZE3210 2.4GHz 500mW transmitter Radio link 4ch; includes 10mW output

2.4GHz, 4 Channel
500mW /10mW power
>300m distance
Stereo audio
Battery powered
Licence exempt*

A very high powered and compact video & stereo audio 2.4GHz transmitter. With 4 channels, it is ideal for directors watching a wireless LCD monitor. The unit can be mounted on a camera's handle & be powered from the camera or small battery.

Designed for use with Teletest's OZE320x 2.4GHz receivers and the OZL70xx Teletest LCDs with their built in 2.4GHz receivers, it will transmit high quality stereo audio and 4/3 & 16/9, PAL & NTSC signals over distances greater than 300m line of sight. The OZE3219 also converts SDI signals.

The transmitter can be mounted onto a camera handle, velcroed to a camera battery or placed in the camera's protective carry case. Capable of transmitting video and stereo audio over long distances the signal can even pass through walls. The unit has two 2.1mm DC power sockets; one for a power source from most of the camera's power sockets and the other is for loop through for powering external radio mikes etc. Video & stereo audio come from the cameras video out and headphone sockets. An optional 7.2V Li-ion battery adapter can be fitted to make the TX totally portable.

*NOTE: Licence exempt maximum output power: UK & Europe= 10mW (the OZE3990 attenuator included must be fitted); USA= 1mW (an attenuator must be fitted).
With no attenuation the TX will transmit at 500mW; a licence must be obtained from local authorities.
The following applies to a new product and may differ to the used item you are viewing, especially regarding included accessories (see above for used details which may differ). Please contact us at customerservice@visuals.co.uk for more information.
2.4GHz 500mW transmitter4ch; includes 10mW output