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  • SONY WRR-855S/62 Sony UHF SX Diversity Receiver 798-822 MHz

Sony UHF SX Diversity Receiver 798-822 MHz


UHF synthesised, slot-in, diversity wireless microphone receiver for cameramen

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Exc VAT Price £970.00
Inc VAT Price £1,164.00
Cat no. WRR-855S/62

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The WRR-855S/62 features the same advanced receiver module as the acclaimed WRR-850A, the user interface is still explicitly simple. A unique feature makes it virtually impossible to send a tape off with no audio or unusable audio levels on it. With its latest implementation of the standard Sony technological advanced features and its ability to operate on a 24Mhz bandwidth covering TV bands 62 to 64 it is the perfect slot in camera receiver for any application where ease of use is as important as reliability, quality and safety.

The WRR-855S diversity reciever is small/compact and easily slottable into SX and some DVCAM camcorders. For added safety on location the WRR-855B also includes an RF scan function, allowing you to identify if any RF noise is present possibly disturbing your performance. The WRR-855s is weather-resistant making it extremely versatily when used in harsh conditions.

  • Designed for insertion into SX camcorders
  • Interference Free Reception with the Pilot Tone Squelch.
  • Pilot Tone for seamless reception
  • Frequency scan of total switching bandwidth - RF spectrum scan for checking of RF disturbance at location.
  • Water resistant design
  • LED indications of received RF signal level and audio output
  • Powered from camcorder - No battery operation option available.
  • >Optional mounting adapter for use with other camcorders - Can be mounted on any other camcorder via optional mounting adapter (BTA-801 or BTA-802).
  • Large number of pre-programmed spot frequencies - Up to 64 spot frequencies available in one TV channel, with a maximum of 112 spot frequencies available depending on version.
  • Safe and reliable audio recording - The audio is recorder to any or both of track one and two on the SX camcorder, either with manual level control or AGC. In addition, the audio is recorded onto track three with AGC level control regardless of any other setting on the camera.

UHF SX Diversity Receiver 798-822 Mhz

Type of reception : 110KF3E

Circuit system : Dual conversion superheterodyne

Local oscillators : 1st Crystal controlled PLL synthesiser: 2nd Crystal oscillator

Reference deviation : ±5 kHz

Selectivity : 60 dB or more (at ±250 kHz detuned)

Surplus distortion ratio : 80 dB or more

Image distortion ratio : 80 dB or more

Muting level : 10 dBµ (ON/OFF possible)

Antenna connectors : BNC-R type (2), 50 Ohms

Frequency response : 50 to 15,000 Hz ±3 dB

De-emphasis : 50 µs

Distortion : 1% or less (±40 kHz deviation at 1 kHz modulation)

Tone signal frequency : 32.768 kHz

Output level : -40 dBu (0 dBu=0.775 Vrms, ±5 kHz deviation at 1 kHz modulation)

Output impedance : 25 Ohms, unbalanced

Output connector : 15-pin D-sub connector (1)

Power requirements : DC 7 V (when using the BTA-801)

Operating voltage : DC 6.5 to 9 V

Current consumption : 200 mA DC or less (at DC 7 V)

Operating temperature : 0 Degrees C to +50 Degrees C

Storage temperature : -20 Degrees C to +60 Degrees C

Dimensions : 88 x 118.8 x 31.3 mm

Mass : Approx. 280 g with the supplied antennas attached

Signal to noise ratio

(±5 kHz deviation at 1 kHz modulation) :  

30 dB or more at RF input level 10 dBµ (A-weighted) :  

60 dB or more at RF input level 60 dBµ (A-weighted) :