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  • SONY PDW-F1600 Sony PDW-F1600

Sony PDW-F1600


XDCAM HD422 Professional Disc Recorder
  • Multi-format HD/SD Recording/Playback Capability
  • High-quality eight-channel (HD-SDI) 24-bit audio recording
  • High-speed file transfer
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • HD recording at up to 50 Mbps using MPEG HD422 (MPEG-2 4:2:2P@HL compression)

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The XDCAM HD422 Series recorders from Sony have been a staple in the TV/broadcast world for its file-based recording capability since their introduction. The XDCAM HD422 recorder utilises high-capacity and highly reliable Professional Disc media. Thanks to its newly developed MPEG HD422 codec, the XDCAM HD422 Series provides high-quality video and audio recording capabilities, with an image resolution of 1920 x 1080 and eight-channel 24-bit uncompressed audio.

The PDW-F1600 offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard - including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode.

The foundation of the PDW-F1600 deck incorporates the features of the PDW-HD1500, and acts as more than just a file-based recording deck. With its insert/assemble editing capability, it can be used as a recorder in a linear editing system - just like a conventional VTR.

Features and Highlights
  • Multi-format HD/SD Recording/Playback Capability
  • - HD recording at up to 50 Mbps using MPEG HD422 (MPEG-2 4:2:2P@HL compression)
  • - Recording and playback in the MPEG HD format (MPEG-2 MP@HL compression)
  • - 1080i and 720p recording and playback
  • - Up/down-conversion and cross-conversion between 1080i and 720p
  • - Three types of picture output mode are supported for down-conversion: Edge Crop, Squeeze, and Letterbox (16:9/14:9/13:9)
  • High-quality eight-channel (HD-SDI) 24-bit audio recording
  • Handles both the dual-layer disc (PFD50DLA) and single-layer disc (PFD23A)
  • High-speed file transfer
  • RS-422 9-pin remote control interface, which the deck to be used as a feeder for linear editing
  • A wide variety of video and audio inputs and outputs, including two HD-SDI outputs
  • Compatible with XDCAM Carts: the PDJ-C1080 and the PDJ-A640
  • Compact and lightweight: half-rack size and 6.5 kg (14 lb 5 oz)
  • AC, DC or battery powered
  • Built-in audio speaker
  • Low power consumption: 65 W (typical) and 54W (in power save mode)
  • A large easy-to-see 4.3-inch* type color LCD display
  • Trigger REC function (synchronized recording with compatible camcorders**)
  • TBC Control, by front panel operation or remote control panel via RS-422
  • Easy and intuitive search operation
  • Clip Continuous REC function
  • Compatible with the HDCA-702 MPEG TS Adaptor
  • Thumbnail Search function
  • Expand function
  • Equipped with a Jog/Shuttle dial, providing VTR-like operation
  • - Jog: -1 to +1 times normal speed
  • - Variable: -2 to +2 times normal speed
  • - Shuttle: -20 to +20 times normal speed

Power RequirementsAC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC 12 V
Power ConsumptionAC: 80 W, DC: 65 W, SAVEMODE (DC): 55 W
Operating Temperature5°C to 40°C
42°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature-20°C to +60°C
-4°F to +140°F
Humidity25% to 90% (relative humidity)
Mass6.5 kg
14 lb 5 oz
Dimensions (W x H x D) *1210 x 132 x 396 mm (excluding protrusions)
8 3/8 x 5 1/4 x 15 5/8 inches (excluding protrusions)
Recording/Playback Format (Video)MPEG HD422 (CBR, 50 Mbps)
- HQ mode (VBR, maximum bit rate: 35 Mbps)
- SP mode (CBR, 25 Mbps)
- LP mode (VBR, maximum bit rate: 18 Mbps) *2
MPEG IMX (CBR, 50/40/30 Mbps)
DVCAM (CBR, 25 Mbps)
Recording/Playback Format (Audio)MPEG HD422: 8 ch/24 bits/48 kHz
MPEG HD: 4 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
MPEG IMX: 4 ch/24 bits/48 kHz or 8 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
DVCAM: 4 ch/16 bits/48 kHz
Recording/Playback Format (Proxy Video)MPEG-4
Recording/Playback Format (Proxy Audio)A-law (8 ch/8 bits/8 kHz)
Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD422)50 Mbps: Approx. 95 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 43 min (PFD23A)
Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD)35 Mbps, 4-ch audio: More than 145 min (PFD50DLA), More than 65 min (PFD23A)
35 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): More than 150 min (PFD50DLA), More than 68 min (PFD23A)
25 Mbps, 4-ch audio: Approx. 190 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 85 min (PFD23A)
25 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): Approx. 200 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 90 min (PFD23A)
18 Mbps, 4-ch audio (playback only): More than 248 min (PFD50DLA), More than 112 min (PFD23A)
18 Mbps, 2-ch audio (playback only): More than 265 min (PFD50DLA), More than 122 min (PFD23A)
Recording/Playback Time (MPEG IMX)50 Mbps: Approx. 100 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 45 min (PFD23A)
40 Mbps: Approx. 120 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 55 min (PFD23A)
30 Mbps: Approx. 150 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 68 min (PFD23A)
Recording/Playback Time (DVCAM)25 Mbps: Approx. 185 min (PFD50DLA), Approx. 85 min (PFD23A)
Search Speed Range (Shuttle Mode)-20 times to +20 times normal speed
Search Speed Range (Variable Mode)-2 times to +2 times normal speed
Search Speed Range (Jog Mode)-1 time to +1 time normal speed
Search Speed Range (Fast Forward/Reverse)-35/+35 times normal speed
  • XDCAM HD422 Professional Disc Recorder
  • Operation manual
  • Installation manual
  • XDCAM Application Software CD-ROM

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