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  • ARRI L3.40755.B ARRI ST2/3 True Blue, MAN, black, 220 - 250 V~, bare ends

ARRI ST2/3 True Blue, MAN, black, 220 - 250 V~, bare ends


TRUE BLUE ST2/3 MAN, black, 220 - 250 V~, bare ends

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• Cross-Cooling System: new, highly effective cooling streams in addition to conventional cooling
• Sliding Stirrup: centre of gravity adjustment
• Tilt Lock: stainless steel friction disc for rigid lock-off
• Top Latches: application-oriented Top Latches for location or studio use
• Adjustable Accessory Brackets: adjustable 2-scrim and 4-scrim position
• Stainless Steel Lens Protection: maximised light transmission and high temperature stability
• Extremely Robust Barndoors: made of special alloy with high strength-to-weight ratio and effective tightening function
• Maintenance: more shared parts, very fast access to all interior workings with three torx drivers only
• Protection Rating IP23: safe indoor and outdoor use
• Safety Certification: CE, TÜV-GS, NRTL-US-C

ARRI True Blue represent an unprecedented evolution of the studio fixtures that have been popular workhorses for over two decades. Following extensive research and feedback from lighting professionals around the world, combined with advances in technology, ARRI has designed a series of six highly innovative lampheads with over 30 new improvements for studio and location lighting. ARRI Fresnels are available in both manual and pole-operated versions.

Using a 3,000 W lamp allows a 65 % higher light output while maintaining the size and weight of the fixture. Modern studio dimmer systems have the capacity to support 3,000 W, and in contrast to 5,000 W lamps, this power class can be operated within the standard 16 V - 230 V power grid of most countries. This saves costs in cabling and energy, and purchase costs of the fixture itself. Another possible scenario is a switch to HD recording systems, which are still less sensitive than SD cameras. In these situations the 2,000 W lamps can simply be replaced with 3,000 W lamps to provide the illumination headroom required.

Lamphead Type:Fresnel, 3000 W
Reflector Type:Spherical specular high purity aluminium
Lamp Type:only 230 V: 2000 W (FKK), 3000 W (HX48)
Power Consumption:3000 W, 2000 W
Voltage Range:220 to 240 V~
Lamp Base:G38
Dimmability:Yes, 0 to 100 % via external dimming system
Cable Options:bare ends, Schuko plug
Correlated Color Temperature:3,200 K
Beam Angle:7,9° to 56° / 11,6° to 56,3° (with 2 kW / 3 kW lamp)
Product Weight:approx. 12 kg / 26 lbs
Shipping Weight:approx. 15 kg / 33 lbs
Product Size (H x W x L):522 x 448 x 380 mm / 20.6 x 17.6 x 15"
Packed Size (H x W x L):495 x 515 x 550 mm / 14.5 x 20.3 x 21.7"
Lens Diameter:250 mm / 9.84"
Accessory Diameter:330 mm / 13" (Scrim)
Barndoor:344 mm / 13.5"
Mounting:Spigot 28 mm / 1 1/8" (1.1")
Protection Class / IP Rating:I / IP23
Certifications:CE, CB, GS